A breathtaking Winter Concert

Photo Credit: Frankie Brock
The choir stood, to sing their next song during the concert.

By: Misri Patel, Fall Reporter

On December 8, 2016, Colonia High School’s choirs and bands put on an amazing performance. This was Colonia High School’s annual Winter Concert.

This concert was consisted of various students from Colonia High School performed in the concert. So many days of practice, and it finally paid off, many students expressed. With a full house, the concert went amazing. Amazing cheers and claps from supportive friends and family of the Colonia High School students. So much time and effort was put into making this one day memorable for everyone who performed and everyone who came to watch.

In my opinion, I felt that the concert was absolutely amazing. It definitely took my breath away from all the solos to all the pin drop silence for the amazing performers. With so many people laughing and smiling, fills the auditorium with so much happiness. So many voices, but each with a different tone, heard in the audience.

The concert started off with the Concert Choir, with two songs. The first song sung was What Child Is This……arr. North. This song had two senior soloists, Julia Paradizova and Lexii Turk. The second song was You Raise Me Up…..Graham & Lovland,arr. Emerson. This song was dedicated in loving memory of Ms.Susan Belly, who passed away December 4th. She was an inspiration and a mentor for so many of the students at Colonia High School during their time in Avenel Middle or in G&T music.

The Jazz Band followed,  as the Concert Choir ended. They played three songs which were Alright Okay, You Win  by Paul Jennings, Fly Me To The Moon by Jerry Nowak, and I Wanna Be Like You by John Wasson. The Jazz Band performed all three songs very well.

Photo Credit: Frankie Brock
After the concert, Maria Brock, Manasa Kallur, Frankie Brock, Emily Anan, and Amanda Kavaja posed for a picture.

Photo Credit: Performers pose during the intermission for a picture. Maria Brock, Amanda Kavaja, and Frankie Brock.

Next up was Women’s Choir, this choir sang two songs which were One Candle Lights the Way by Albrecht & Althouse and Velvet Shoes by Randall Thompson. After the Women’s Choir the Wind Ensemble was up and they played The Eighth Candle. Prayer and Dance for hanukkah by Steve Reisteter.

Followed by these two was Combined Wind Ensemble and Choir. They sang and played Hallelujah Chorus by Handel. From everything sung and played at the concert, this performance was my absolute favorite. It showed how coordinated both the band and choir was. The whole song was played and sung on the same beat. Also I felt as if many more agreed with me on this one because being present through the whole concert this was one song where the audience was pin drop silent not one phone rang, not one baby cried, not one person talk.  

After the Combined Wind Ensemble and Choir, there was a intermission. I thought this intermission was very extraordinary because it gave all the performers a chance to meet all their family and friends who came to support. Additionally, it gave the audience and performers to take a little break to buy snacks and refreshments. One of the other things this concert really had together was time,each performance followed a time schedule which it did. The intermission exactly ended in 15 mins. Along with that it had all performers back stage and all audience seated before it started.

As the intermission ended, the Concert Band performed four songs Sleigh Ride by Mike Story, Bashana Haba by Lloyd Conley, Nightmare Before Christmas by Michael Brown and Fireside Christmas by Sammy Nestico. The Mixed Chorus sang after the Concert Band. They sang four songs which were All I Want For Christmas is You by Carey & Afanasieff, this song had three soloists who were Jayda & Jazmyn Mc Kelvin and Gianna Reilly. They also sang Anytime of the Year by Brittan, Manor & Hirsch, Happy Holidays/White Christmas by Irving Berlin and Grown-Up Chritmas List.

As the Mixed Chorus ended, the one only Acapatriots sang This Is Gospel….Panic! By Stephens. The Acapatriots are basically known as the Ocapella. It has around 10 members who all sing at a different tone.  

Lastly, to end the concert the Harmony in Motion sang and danced to Can’t Stop This Feeling by Timberlake. This was choreographed by Julia Clearly, Sarah Gregory and Jessica Morley. In my thoughts, this was an amazing way to end the concert with full hype. With the audience in tears of happiness and loads of cheer, it was an end to an amazing concert.