Fighting to the finish Colonia hockey team verse St. Joseph’s


Photo Credit: Misri Patel

The varsity ice hockey teams passed the puck from player to player to get a score.

By: Frankie Brock and Misri Patel

In an action packed game on Monday, January 9, 2017 Colonia High’s Varsity boys Ice hockey team went up against St.Joseph’s varsity hockey team at the Woodbridge Community Center. Colonia High School took a hard loss with a final score of 1-6.

Colonia with a  record of 2-7-1, knowing St.Joseph’s had a record of 5-7-2, they were ready to fight for the win. With their heads up high they went into  the rink having one goal in mind. Colonia High School’s varsity boys’ skated out onto the ring and practiced taking shots on goal in each position. Both teams stood for the national anthem as the start of the game was only seconds away.

A fast paced game from start to finish, St. Joe’s scored in the first 2 minutes on the ice. The goal was made by  Ty Carter and assisted by  Brian Coelho. The rest of the first period consisted  of tough Colonia defense, and two more goals scored by St. Joe’s. In addition to the first goal, shots were made by Ryan Ozmanic  assisted by Thomas Perlitz and Nick Freda, and Brian Coelho rushed in on his own and took a successful shot on the Colonia goal.

Leading into the second quarter the Colonia hockey team took the game back into their hands determined to slow down St. Joe’s. The puck passed from player to player and possession constantly gained and lost by each team. Colonia and St. Joe’s ended the 2nd period each scoring a goal for their team. Nick Freda and Rey Rodriguez  assisted Brian Coelho  in scoring St.Joe’s third goal of the game. Drew Galea  assisted by Brian Nieroda  and Jacob Manente  scored Colonia’s first goal.

The third quarter began after the halftime break. The boys went in once again with their heads high and looking to put St. Joe’s back down.  As the puck was passed around from player to player, St. Joe’s scored two goals during the third and final period. Despite Colonia’s valiant effort, St.Joe’s played hard and it was a fair game. The goals were scored by Tim Garband Michael Sasso, assisted by James Ulrich and Ty Carter.

All of the goalies worked very hard to protect their team’s goal. But it is clearly evident that the Colonia goalies Ryan Creenan  and Alex Wolfman fought harder than anyone else to keep their team in the game. With a total of 62 shots on goal against Colonia 56 saves is surely something to brag about. Alex Wolfman  had a save percentage of 90.9%, saving 40 shots on goal and only allowing 4 shots through. Ryan Creenan  had a save average of 84.2%, saving a total of 16 shots and letting go of 2 shots scored.

Colonia Sophomore Bryan Nieroda commented “We played hard, we played well but they just had a better team and a better day. Next time we face them we will try our best and give 100%. Who knows… anything can happen.” Through watching the game it is easy to say Colonia played tough and put their hearts into the match. In the end no matter how hard the team fought sometimes playing your best might not take home the win.