Chipotle , its all in the Guacamole

Food you can possibly buy at chipotle

Chipotle, the most visited place in the mall. Is it worth all the hype though?

In the Menlo Park Mall food court, a Chipotle is a thriving food business. It is next to the Smashburger. Considering that Chipotle is one of the most visited place in the mall.  Is it the most extravagant place to eat ? No not really. If you were to choose to sit in the Chipotle hoping to find a seat among the crowds, it be fine but the table is made of metal which makes it very uncomfortable to lean on or touch. If you don’t mind the loud atmosphere of everyone talking then you should be fine. The noise level is equivalent to a school cafeteria during its prime time hours.  Seats are not just inside, outside of the Chipotle in the mall’s food court where the noise is more diluted, and you might have a better time finding a seat.

Customers lineup to get there helpful serving of Chipotle

The lines are sometimes almost out the door. It is no real issue, because they move at a decent pace. “Lines can get long but it’s worth the wait,” Tyler Anglicanism said. The wait for your food could range from two minutes to twenty minutes depending on the time going, and who’s working there. The Chipotle in Clark is much roomier than the one in Menlo Mall. ” I don’t care for the room, long as the food I get is good as it usually is,” said Magliacano.

So how does Chipotle work? You first have an potion of a salad, a bowl, burrito, and tacos to choose from. After you choose your meat or what else to add. Some meats they use are steak and chicken. After they put in your choice of rice and beans. I’m not a huge fan of their beans, but maybe that’s because I’m not huge bean fan in general. Finally you can get sour cream, salsa, cheese, and/ or guacamole. The downside to the guac is that it’s an extra two dollars, in all seriousness come on Chipotle do you really need to penny pinch every last dime we have for that creamy goodness.  I have been able to go to several chipotle’s, many were the same. The only big difference between

There are also side orders you can get, like chips and salsa. What many people don’t know on chipotles secret menu someone can order quesadillas, and nachos. Chipotle is one of the most delicious places to go to. I give this a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I recommend anyone to get it whenever they feel hungry.