School Dress Code Troubles in the Spring

Beautiful flowers, spring is finally here

Photo Credit: Photo via Pixabay under the creative commons license

Beautiful flowers, spring is finally here

The birds are chirping, the sunlight is lasting longer and the weather is getting warmer. You know what that means, spring is finally here.

Every year, especially in the spring, students get in trouble for violating the dress code. According to Woodbridge Township, students are not allowed to wear excessively tight clothing, short shorts or skirts, flip flops, bedroom attire, clothing that is excessively torn, ripped, damaged or soiled, tank tops, etc. If you have to think about whether you are going to get in trouble or not, you should probably just change and not wear it.

Now it’s too hot for sweaters, jackets, and boots so what would you wear to follow the dress code? For boys, it’s a little easier, they don’t need to worry about short shorts or skirts. Boys just can’t wear flip flops, pajamas, etc. For girls, it’s a whole different story. It’s harder for girls to follow the dress code once it gets warmer. According to  Woodbridge Township, “Students may not wear short-shorts. Shorts and skirts shall be mid thigh or longer in length.”  

There are ways to look fashionable while following the dress code. Girls, if you don’t want to wear the shorts that go mid thigh, then you can always wear capris, or the cute long skirts or denim skirts. You can also wear dresses or rompers, but just make sure that the dress/romper isn’t too short or too tight. Make sure that if you are wearing a nice spring shirt, it’s not showing your shoulders. Tank tops and the shirts that hang off your shoulders are not allowed to be worn in school. If you do chose to wear a tank top, make sure that you have a sweater or a light jacket to put over it.

A lot of students feel that the dress code is unnecessary. Although no one wants to be told that they can’t wear what they want to wear, it’s something that is needed in a school. If students didn’t have the dress code, the school would be a mess. People would start to wear flip flops in the spring, and people could possibly fall down the stairs just from someone stepping on the back of their shoe or just because the flip flop fell off because there’s no back. Short shorts and skirts are also something that shouldn’t be worn in school because it is inappropriate. If you want to wear them, wear them, but just not in school.

Spring is the time of year where students start to get lazy and start to get tired of school. That is when students start to not care about the dress code which just punishes themselves. If you don’t follow the dress code you can get detention, which is something that everyone should want to avoid.

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