Boys’ Tennis Seeks Win Against JFK

By: Patrick Coveny, Spring Reporter

The boys battle against JFK High School in multiple rounds

The Colonia Boys’ Tennis team is off to a great start this year! With the help of Coach Finnigan and an all-star lineup of Karl Bumanglay, Nicholas Lam, Kyle Nyugen, Keyur Pelan, Shivam Patel, Shreel Shah, David Tomczyk, and Prem Trehan, this year’s team is one to watch.

Although the sport may not be as popular as others, or garner as much attention, the boys are making Colonia proud every game they play on the court. So far, this season, their standings in the North Jersey, Section 2- Group 2 Division are 1-7-2. In Tennis jargon, that means they’re doing fairly well.
This Monday, May 1st, the team will face off in multiple matches against their cross-township rivals. The boy’s are hoping to score a victory against JFK High School, who they’ve previously had difficulty playing against. If they do squeak out a win, it would be a huge confidence boost both the players and the coach.

As the season will soon come to an end, the boys have much to be proud of. Their professionalism on and off the field, as well as their great playing, are what make the boys tennis team so admirable. Players Bumanglay and Lam have proven their talents this season, scoring important victories. This Monday’s game against JFK is certainly one to keep your eyes on…

“We like to be competitive with JFK,” Coach Finnigan said, “They’ve beaten us a lot in the past, so we’re just looking for some competitive matches.”

The boys tennis team ended up playing their hearts out against Iselin, but fell short of claiming victory. The first singles came resulted in JFK winning two matches against Colonia’s first game victory. The second singles set, however, did result in a win for Colonia. The third singles set and the subsequent pair doubles matches all went to Iselin.

The boys, however, were proud of themselves for competing against one of their most difficult rivals. The game matches were filled with great serves and were highly competitive. The scores were close and some matches were true nailbiters. The rest of this season will be exciting, just as this game against JFK was.