Colonia girls’ volleyball rise to the top


Photo Credit: Photo Via Laurie Wintonick with permission

The Colonia High varsity girls volleyball team is shown here after winning the Silver Bracket at the Bloomfield Tournament.

By: Angelina Wintonick, Co-Editor in Chief

The 2017 Colonia Varsity Girls’ Volleyball team is having a sensational season so far according to player Kavita Gordon and Head Coach Tom Hennessy.  They have a solid record of 10 wins to 2 losses.

The two losses were to rivals East Brunswick and North Hunterdon. Gordan said the team fell short because, “we didn’t play to our full potential and that can be toxic when playing a formidable opponent.”

When evaluating the team’s losses, Coach Hennessy noted, “simply because that day, the other team just played better.”

The Colonia Girls’ Volleyball team lost to East Brunswick last year in the GMC finals. “There is sort of a sense of redemption in wanting to play them again,” said Gordon. She also said that even though they are talented, they are able to get in the team’s head.  This year, the Patriots play East Brunswick on October 9th and are hoping to take home a win.

When questioned on the biggest challenge, Hennessy said, “There is a big confidence issue, we need to have a strong offense and not let them get in the player’s head.”

Not only has the team been having a good year record-wise, but for some of the players as well. Samantha Ashton, Manuela Martinez, and Camila Camacho have all been on the state leaderboard for over two weeks.

Samantha Ashton was first in the state in assists for the week of September 14, and she had 199 assists last week.  Manuela Martinez was 2nd as well for the week of September 14th and September 21st, and continues to stay high up on the leaderboard; she has over 117 kills. Camila Camacho was tenth on the leaderboard two weeks ago too. When the girls made the leaderboard, Hennessy said, “It’s not really a big deal, I don’t care that much, I do this for the girls.”

Coach Hennessy has been coaching for this program for 13 years and has coached many different teams. Hennessy believes that even though the team this year is strong in winning, there is always room for improvement. The team practices whenever they don’t have games, which can range from four to six times a week. 

“I think that our team is very close and we know how to work together,” said Gordan. She continues, “There is definitely room for improvement within our communication but physically I think we can perform great.”

The girls will continue their season with some upcoming games that will be critical for them and their rankings; not only in the Greater Middlesex Conference but in the state as well.  Good luck to the girls, and hopefully you can come out to see them play soon!