Book-buying on a budget: How to find bestsellers for less


Cheap books await purchase

By: Patrick Coveny, Editor

It’s every bookworm’s nightmare! The rising price of paperback books has made it almost impossible to teenage readers to buy brand new novels. Major book retailers such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon Books have steadily increased the cost of bestsellers over the past decade as ebooks and online publications become more popular. For those of us who still prefer the touch and feel of a paper book- there still is hope, however. Savvy readers have mastered the art of thrifty book hunting. Many second-hand retailers now exist that make it possible to buy that new edition the library doesn’t have on stock- all without breaking your bank.

To begin with, the best bargain deals can be found on the internet. Many independent retailers such as ThriftBooks offer reduced prices for older or less popular novels. Applying for free online memberships or mail lists will further reduce costs. Equally, BookFinder is an online literature search engine which helps users match up with the most inexpensive sales of a particular work.

Furthermore, it is equally important to narrow your personal book search. Sarah Soos, a CHS senior and expert book-buyer advises that spending for pleasure reading should only be allowed for books one is truly interested in. She says, “I would say first find books that interest you. Create a list on your phone or in a journal of books you want to read in the future. That way, when you are book search you’re not just looking for one specific book. This way, your book hunts are usually successful.”

Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase every single book that seems slightly interesting without paying a fortune. Instead, grab books which you know will be of appeal and will be worth the investment. Postpone non “must-have” books until they become more economically obtainable. Ones which aren’t worth physically owning can be checking out at the local library.  Prioritizing book-buying based on one’s specific interest in certain genres and authors will help make online databases easier to navigate.

Additionally, the smartphone app GoodReads is one of the greatest tools to finding and organizing your book collection. There, you can compile and review books you have read. The app also directs users towards books they would enjoy based on previous reads. Many used book retailers partner with GoodReads and allow for affordable book purchases within the app.

Lastly, some of the best inexpensive literature can be discovered at local antique shops and garage sales. There, hardbacks are sometimes sold for just a few dollars. Plus, storybooks with a history behind them that have been passed down for generations are always the greatest. If a collector’s shop is not in your area, frequent off-brand booksellers. They tend to offer lower prices and a larger variety of publications. Also, consider offering to buy or swap books from fellow bookworm friends. You can even network with readers on social media and online forums!

It may currently seem like a bleak world for book-lovers, but recent studies have shown that reading is gaining in popularity, contrary to popular belief. Limitless amounts of book-hunting opportunities await those that are willing to search. With the right technique, reading can be a cost-effective pastime everyone can enjoy. 

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