The start of the Civil War


Photo Credit: Photo via Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License

Charging ahead, Confederate troops push in the famous Pickett’s charge during the Battle of Gettysburg.

Today in 1861, Confederate guns take fire at Union-held Fort  Sumter, starting the Civil war. The tensions between the North and South were ever so clear.  The most notable difference was the North and South’s opposite views on the topic of Slavery. However, little things further things drove the division of North and South, way of life was also a strong factor that lead to secession.  After the election of President Abraham Lincoln, a Anti-slavery minded person, South Carolina saw it time to break away from the rest of the United Sates.

Within the next six week, five more states would leave to join the Confederacy. After the Confederates attacked Fort Sumter, President Lincoln ordered troops to bring the rebels back. President Lincoln viewed the South as a small threat to a greater Union and figured fighting would be quick. However, four years and 620,000 bodies later, the Confederates would surrender.