IMATS NYC truly a great event


Photo Credit: Arianna Hernandez

Walking into IMATS and getting ready for the day ahead of me.

By: Arianna Hernandez, spring reporter

The International Makeup Artist Trade Show also known as IMATS is one of the world’s most celebrated makeup events. Located at Pier 95 in NYC, the attendants paid $65 to participate in the event.

IMATS is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to enter the world of makeup. You will be able to network and learn new skills. One of the biggest highlights is the amount of money you save when buying products here. This is great for makeup lovers and artist.

The purpose of IMATS is to network, learn, and buy new and loved products at a discounted price.  I was able to get a lot for my money and see a lot of great talent.

Companies such as Kat Von D, Makeup Forever, NYX and many more sponsored the event. These of who will also have booths at the event. IMATS is produced by Makeup Artist Magazine. 

As expected the Morphe line was outrageous, as it had the longest line. Second to this was Kat Von D’s booth and although Kat wasn’t there herself the turnout was amazing.


One thing I wish that all the lines had was a sign to mark where the start of the line was. Other than that I had no problems. This year they also had a seating area to rest which was an improvement from past years.

For the most part the lines were controlled and moved fairly quickly. The staff and workers helped with guiding and showing you where proudcts were.

For anyone who is thinking about going to IMATS I think its important to know that it’s a lot of walking and you have to be calm because it can get to be a little much at times with all the people and the lines. And make sure to wear shoes you can walk in. This event it about makeup so look your best but don’t try to hurt yourself with the shoes you have on- just have killer winged eyeliner and call it a day.

Something else to just add to your list would be to work your way inside out. I say this because the smaller booths tend to be on the inside so it is quick and fast and you may also find a new brand of makeup you never knew about. On the border, were the bigger the names so the lines were longer, so by the time you were done with the smaller shops the lines for the bigger one were shorter.

IMATS had an incredible turn out, attending allowed me to learn new skills and improve on old. There were so many people there to help with any questions one may have. There were lessons and talks going on that were very helpful. I was thrilled to meet one of my favorite makeup artist Alyssa Anderson who was also giving makeup lessons for Anastasia Beverly Hills.

The beauty world was so welcoming and the energy in the room was out of the world. Everyone was so helpful and kind and willing to help.

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