NJ Primaries are June 5: Here’s everything you need to know


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Casting your vote in the upcoming election can be tricky if you don’t have all the proper information. Here’s some information that might help!

New Jersey’s Primary Election Day is rapidly approaching and there are some aspects that may be confusing to new and younger voters. Here’s everything you need to know to vote efficiently.

What is the Primary Election?

A Primary Election is a vote that occurs before the General Election.  This specific election is only for New Jersey citizens. The New Jersey public will be voting for politicians in the position of Senator, Congressman, and Freeholder that will move on to the General Election that will occur on November 6.

The Primary Election is vital to the voting process. Politicians can only proceed to the General Election through the Primary, so if they aren’t well received during the Primaries they aren’t going to be on the ballot during the General Election.

You must have registered with a party affiliation in order to vote in this election. If you are registered with no party affiliation, you will not be able to vote.

When and Where is it?

The Primary is on Tuesday, June 5, from 6 AM to 8 PM. There is more than one place for you to cast your vote, though. To know where your polling location is, refer to Poll Place Search: simply input your address, and this website will tell you where your polling location is.

Show up to your polling location during the allocated time and you should be good to vote. Remember to bring your Driver’s License (or some other form of identification) when you go to cast your vote. You may be denied the ability to vote if you do not have it!

Who’s running?

Knowing who you’re going to vote for is just as important as knowing when and where to show up. Here’s a comprehensive list of everyone that’s running, as well as their missions and views.

All candidates running, both Democrat (top) and Republican (bottom)


A senator has many duties and responsibilities, including writing and passing laws, approving presidential appointments, and write bills. A senator’s job is to represent the people living in their state in the Senate. Thus, it is important to pick a Senator that you believe best represents “New Jersey values.”

Four people are running for Senator:

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New Jerseyans will be voting for a Senator to represent their state this upcoming Tuesday.

Robert Menendez – Menedez is a Democratic candidate and is the current Senator of New Jersey. Menendez is known for his progressive liberal viewpoints, and his votes over the years have supported those views. He generally strongly favors more liberal laws and opposes more conservative laws.

Lisa. A McCormick – McCormick is Democratic candidate who wishes to bring ‘progressive change to address the broken political and economic systems.’ Many compare McCormick’s politics to those of Bernie Sanders, as McCormick promotes a complete overhaul of our current system.

Brian D. Goldberg – Goldberg is a Republican candidate who wishes ‘to stand up against corruption and stand with his constituents.’ Goldberg generally favors conservative laws to liberal laws and wishes to boost the economy of New Jersey by cutting taxes and creating jobs. He has scored very well in evaluations made on him by the Republican party.

Bob Hugin – Hugin is a Republican candidate who identifies himself as a ‘different kind of Republican.’ Hugin wishes to boost the New Jersey economy and restore honesty and integrity to the government. Hugin favors conservative ideals but is not completely opposed to some liberal ideals.


Current congressman Frank Pallone speaking to Woodbridge students about gun control issues.

Different districts have different candidates for congressman, as each district is represented by them. A congressman has a large number of responsibilities, including representation, legislation, and education. Here are the candidates running for Congress in Middlesex, or New Jersey’s sixth district.

Frank Pallone, Jr – Pallone is a Democratic candidate and is the current congressman for Middlesex. Pallone greatly favors liberal laws and left ideals, such as gun reform. Throughout his career, one of Pallone’s biggest focuses has been ending the opiod crisis. Pallone has represented Middlesex in Congress since 1988.

Javahn Walker – Walker is a Democratic candidate who aims to end the disconnect between the government and everyday citizens. He wishes ‘to form a movement that cannot be denied & will bring back the true meaning of democracy.’ Walker supports many liberal ideals, including higher minimum wages, affordable health care, and eliminating for-profit prisons

Richard Pezzulo – Pezzulo is a Republican candidate who wishes to solve the problems caused by ‘overwhelming government regulation.’ As a self-titled conservative, Pezzulo favors right ideals. These ideals include defunding Planned Parenthood, pulling the United States out of the Paris Accord, and cracking down on illegal immigration.


Many NJ citizens don’t know what a freeholder is or what a freeholder does. A freeholder is essentially a commissioner. Freeholders regulate county property, finances, and affairs. On the ballot, voters will vote for two Freeholders. Only two freeholders per party are running this year, so this vote is probably the simplest.

Ronald Rios – Rios is a Democratic candidate that is the current director of freeholders in Middlesex. Some of Rios’ primary accomplishments include establishing the Veterans Housing Assistance Program, which has helped over 400 veterans and their families.

Shanti Narra – Narra is a Democratic candidate that is the current Chair of Public Safety & Health Committee. Narra has frequently worked on public development projects and has worked to make the Middlesex area a township that sees great growth.

Richard Castaldo – Castaldo is a Republican candidate that believes in ‘common-sense’ politics. He describes himself as Pro-Women, Pro-Business, and Pro-America.

Lewis Glogower – Glogower is a Republican candidate that doesn’t have a very significant online presence, but has described his political wants as: lowering taxes, steaminlining government, and investing in the future of America’s children.

How do I cast my vote?

Due to modern technology, casting your vote has never been easier! Simply enter the voting booth and press the names of the candidates you wish to vote for.

If you wish to write-in a candidate, you must follow the specific directions for it. Make sure the name is correctly spelled and that you are sure with your decision.

When you are done voting, press the Cast Vote button and exit the booth. Make sure to ask your Poll Clerk if you have any additional questions on how to cast your vote.

Step-by-Step instructions for casting your vote.