What can we expect from this unexpected season of Big Brother

Watching you at all times, the critically acclaimed television series has fans exciting for the season 20

Photo Credit: Photo Via: Wikimedia Commons Under Creative Commons License

Watching you at all times, the critically acclaimed television series has fans exciting for the season 20

By: Robyn Epstein, Spring Reporter

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Big Brother is a reality show about 16 house guest living together. They compete for power and have no contact with the outside world. One person goes home at the end of each week.

Big Brother was originally a character and symbol in George Orwell’s novel, 1984. Big Brother watched and kept on eye on the other characters  24/7.  Since then, the Franchise has broadcasted in 54 countries airing over 387 seasons. Big Brother USA  launched in the year 2000. From then on, show became a huge phenomenon with a total of 19 seasons, a celebrity edition, and a web series called Big Brother Over the Top.

The first season of Big Brother USA was much different then it is now. There were ten house guests  living together with no communication with the outside world. Each week they would vote for two people they want to “banished” then the two house guests with the most votes will be nominated for the week . Then the viewers decide who they want to go home at the end of each week.

The concept for season two completely changed. First, they introduce the Head of Household (HOH). This person nominates two people they want to be evicted. Instead of the viewers choosing who goes home the other house guests have the final word of who they want to be evicted and who they want to win the game. Season three of Big Brother introduced the power of veto. The power of veto allows a person nominated for eviction to take themselves off and they get to be safe for the week. From season three on there have been so many twists and turns. That is why the shows main catchphrase in “expect the unexpected”.

The few things we can expect

With season 20 approaching there is only a few things fans can be certain of. Alison Gordner, Big Brother’s executive producer, has confirmed that this season will feature a brand new cast. Casting director Robyn Kass has also confirmed that the casting process has stopped and they are currently narrowing it down to its semi finalists. The premiere date will be June 27 starting at 8pm Eastern time on CBS and will be a two hour event. Other than that “expect the unexpected” in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother is one of my favorite shows. It is so exciting seeing the twists and turns that the house guest have to go through. I’ve been a fan of the show for six years now and every season never seems to disappoint. It is a great show that anybody of all ages can watch. If you are unsure about watching it I definitely recommend you to do so.




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