Allied Forces prepare for D-Day


Photo Credit: Photo via Wikipedia Under the creative Commons License

Nearing the battle, U.S. troops approach Omaha beach in Normandy France

Today in 1944, Allied troops make the final for Operation Overlord, a invasion of France, later known as D-Day.  The Mission had been planned and postponed often since May, mainly due to poor weather.  While the weather seemed like a setback, General Eisenhower used it as a chance to catch the Germans by surprise.  Eisenhower decided on June 5th that the attack should go down on June 6th when Germans expected it least.  German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel was one of many who believed that the Allies would not attack through such poor weather.

However, Rommel wasn’t all wrong, he had thoughts that the target spot for the Allies would be Normandy.  Rommel ordered construction of underwater barricades and mines, in fear the German air force wasn’t strong enough.  On the night of June 5th, over 1,000 British bombers lead a massive attack, destroying German gun batteries across the coast.  During the bombing, Allied ships headed for Normandy in an attempt to capture the port at Cherbourg. To further scatter the Germans, Allied forces had deceptive tactics. By launching dummy parachutes and strategic radar -jamming devices to to make the Germans think they had plans away from Normandy.