How people celebrate Christmas all over the world


Photo Credit: Photo via National Park Service under the Creative Commons License.

Lighting the tree at the White House, Americans gather to watch the White House

By: Atif Warraich, Reporter

Christmas is one of the most popular holidays of the year. Christians and even many non-Christians celebrate Christmas in every corner of the world. Although there are many similarities in how people celebrate, there are also many differences.


In Argentina, many people are Catholic and celebrate both Christmas and Advent. People decorate their houses with big trees and rose gold flowers. At midnight, during the start of Christmas Day, there are fireworks throughout the entire country. Adults love to ‘toast’ the start of Christmas Day. On Christmas Day, families gather at the table to enjoy a huge lunch. The main meal is served during the afternoon and is often a barbecue. Christmas gifts are not popular, although few people give and receive gifts to extremely close relatives in the family.\


In Pakistan, Santa Claus is known as “Christmas Baba.” Over 6 million of the population in Pakistan is Christian, and they celebrate by participating in a big procession, from St. Anthony’s Church to the Cathedral. Many people form huge crowds in the streets and sing Christmas carols for many hours straight. Another tradition the Christians participate in is the Christmas cake giving to relatives. Throughout December, and especially on December 25th, people wear their best clothes on this special day.


In Australia, Christmas comes during Summer vacation, which is from mid-December to early February, since the country is located in the southern hemisphere. Australians hang creative wreaths on their doors during December and the majority of the people decorate their houses with trees and colorful lights. To give back to the community, a street in Sydney raises over $(AUS) 35,000 to give to charity and distribute to the less fortunate. On Christmas Eve, people sing Christmas carols. Christmas Day, most families gather to eat lunch, which they consider the biggest meal of the day.


In Canada, people celebrate Christmas in various ways, because Canada is a large country, and is very diverse. However, many of their traditions come from the French. One way Canadians celebrate is by sending Christmas cards to all of their family members. Another unique way that differs from America is that many Canadians open their gifts on Christmas Eve. Some people only open their stockings on Christmas Eve, while others open one present on Christmas Eve, and save the rest for Christmas Day. Just like most other countries, Canadians decorate their houses with lights and trees. On Christmas Day, people celebrate by singing carols and eating delicious meals. The biggest meal of the day is dinner where they eat roast turkey with vegetables, followed by a rich fruit Christmas cake.


In England, Christmas is celebrated together with the entire family, mostly because families love to see each other open their gifts. People get into Christmas spirit as early as the end of November. The villages, towns, and cities are all filled with many beautiful sceneries and lights. Every year, a famous person turns the lights on and electrifies the whole country. Many people hang stockings or pillowcases near the fire cases, hoping that Santa leaves presents under the tree when they wake up. Another interesting custom is that children write letters to Santa, with lists of their requests, and throw them in the fireplace. In England, the main meal of the day is lunch, during which families gather to eat roast turkey roast vegetables, and sometimes even bacon or sausages.

South Africa

In South Africa, Christmas comes in the summer, since the country is located in the southern hemisphere. During Christmas time, many people like to go camping. On Christmas Eve, people gather in towns and cities to sing Christmas carols. Christmas Day, different families eat meals at different times. The meals usually consist of either turkey, duck, or roast beef, along with many other side dishes and desserts. The meal is eaten outside, because it is the summer, and the weather is much warmer.