Popular trends to be left in 2018


Photo Credit: Urban Nest Realty

By: Emily Spillar, Co-Editor-In-Chief

2018 was a year of many trends, good and bad. Some of these trends though, should be left in 2018.

Each year has different trends that become really popular, whether it’s good or not. 2018, however seemed to have a lot more trends that probably shouldn’t have been as popular as they were. Popular trends are usually set by celebrities and followed by people all over the world. Some might be a really good idea, and others are just plain weird.

Sherpa Items

This year, a popular clothing item was the sherpa coat. This clothing item is a great choice for those cold months, but wearing them throughout the summer? Not the best style choice. This trend is quite popular due to YouTube star, Emma Chamberlain, wearing it in multiple videos. After the coats became trending, other items such as blankets, sweatshirts, pullovers, etc. came out. These items are indeed very comfortable, but it might just be a little too much.

In the early days of 2019, the sherpa is still very popular. If you look around the streets, you’re guaranteed to see a few people rocking it. Sherpas should stay in 2019, but maybe be a little less overused.

Little Backpacks

During the late months of 2018, one item hit its prime, the little backpack. These bags offer a various selection of colors, but people love black. These bags are great when you’re just going out and need something to hold some necessities. While being a very cute accessory, do these bags really hold anything more than a few things? Not really. Yes, there are many different variations of sizes, but what’s the real point of these bags?

Popular designers such as Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Guess, and others, have made bags in this design. They all look very similar, but also have a slight change that make them different than the others. These bags are very cute and stylish, but wearing them to places like work and school is getting a little old. Since this bag is fashionable it could have a spot in 2019, but there has to be some change in how basic these bags really are.

Unnecessary Thrift Shopping

This trend has been happening for years but has now started to blossom. Thrift shopping is a great option for when you want to go find something cheap and easy, but are people abusing this opportunity? Thrift shops are made for those who really don’t have the money to go shopping at high end stores, but those aren’t the people going shopping there these days.

Unnecessary thrift shopping has caused controversy because the people who really need these stores are getting jipped out of items because people like to go shopping there for the aesthetic. It is really nice to get a cheap pair of pants every now of then, but if you’re going shopping there constantly when you don’t need to, that’s where the trend downgrades. This pointless thrift shopping needs to go in 2019, but should stay for those who really need it.


2018 was a great year to try a bunch of different things, but as a whole, we should really reevaluate the things we like. Do we enjoy these things because we like them or because we saw a popular celebrity doing it online? There’s a fine line between the two, and it has to be checked. I can’t say I don’t love some of these trends, but even I feel they should be toned down this year. A great New Years Resolution is to do something new that you’ve always wanted to try, and that’s something I’ll be doing this year too.

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