Fashion tragedies of 2018


Photo Credit: Photo by Jada Davis

2018’s fashion trends were honestly just boring last year.

By: Jada Davis, Senior Opinion Editor

This past year has been full of many new branches of fashion, some better than others. There were some classic trends that came back in style such as plaid pants and fanny packs. However, there were too many train wreck pieces that don’t even qualify as fashion. Here’s a breakdown of the worst fashion statements of 2018.

Clear plastic pants

Within 2018, the rise of clear pants left many baffled. Why would anyone wear an outfit that you can see right through? These pants made it off the runways and entered mainstream stores such as Topshop. Some of these pants just have clear knees, while other pairs of pants are completely plastic as a whole. This is personally one of my least favorite fashion statements of recent years. At least these can’t be worn in school since they clearly break the dress code.


In 2018, small bags became trendy, While the idea of a small purse is reasonable, that’s unfortunately not what I’m talking about. Micro bags became the new style last year, and I personally can’t understand the practicality behind it. What can you even fit in such small bags? Wouldn’t you have to carry an additional purse to sport your mini purse? While this isn’t one of the worst trends this year, it just didn’t make much sense.

Tiny Sunglasses

Last year, tiny sunglasses were a trend that cannot be missed. Instagram models, in particular, wore sunglasses that resemble those of a librarian. I think sunglasses at times could be a staple piece to an outfit, but these glasses were way too overdone. I actually minded these a little more than the infamous famous clout glasses trend. You could get so much more out fashion rather than resorting to a plastic pair of glasses to put together your outfit.

Designer dad shoes

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with owning some high-end sneakers. However, the summer of 2018 introduced the trend of designer dad shoes, specifically sneakers. Some of these shoes aren’t actually so bad, but my personal least favorite is the Balenciaga dad like sneakers that so many people sport.

One of my main problems with this trend is that I feel it stigmatizes people with a lower income. The idea of wearing high-end shoes that are considered to be beaten up gives us a deeper look at how society’s fashion choices influence others. A few years ago, I know those who could only afford “dad shoes” would be made fun of. The fact that they are now becoming trendy towards the wealthy class is a little insulting. However, the sneakers itself aren’t bad, I feel like it just has a not so positive message behind them.

Honestly, this year’s fashion trends could’ve been way worst. Let’s see what 2019 has in store!

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