Jane The Virgin will have you glue to your TV

The last episode of season four in this popular TV series, was 1.20 million viewers.

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The last episode of season four in this popular TV series, was 1.20 million viewers.

By: Megan Anderson , Senior manager of Entertainment and Social Media

Jane The Virgin is an American telenovela that has many plot twist and surprises. With the show last season coming soon there’s so many questions that fans want answers too.

Season 1

Jane the Virgin first season premiered on October 13, 2014.  This TV series is about Jane Villanueva, a 23 year old women who is trying to be a teacher. Villanueva loves telenovelas and is a hopeless romantic.

Villanueva was a raised by a teenage mother and her grandmother. From an early age she pledges to be a virgin until marriage. Villanueva gets engaged to her boyfriend of two years, Michael Cordero. Cordero is a detective that is trying to catch the famous drug lord, Sin Rostro.

Villanuva goes to the OB-GYN for a check-up. Her doctor, Luisa Alver, accidentally enters in vitro Villanueva. Vilanova becomes pregnant with her boss child, Rafael Solano. Solano is Alver’s brother and is married to Petra Solano.

Throughout this season, the audience sees Villanueva struggling to make a decision about her unborn baby. In addition, the audience sees Vilanova trying to find her father, who doesn’t know she exist.

Season 2

The second season premiered October 15, 2015. Villanueva gives birth to Mateo Solano Villanueva. Within in the first minutes of the baby is born, he is kidnapped. Cordero rescues the baby and brings him back safely.

In this season, there is a love triangle between Villanueva, Cordero, and Solano. Villanueva needs to pick which guy she wants to be with.

Villanueva focuses on her teacher career by going to graduate school. She also focuses on being a good mother for her new baby. Also trying to co-parent with Solano.

There’s an another drug lord that Cordero is trying to catch. This drug lord goes by the name Mutter. In addition, Petra Solano enters in vitro in herself and becomes pregnant with twins. Villanueva gets her happy ending and gets married in the last episode of the season. However, after her wedding her husband gets shot.

Season 3

The third season premiered on October 17, 2016. In the first episode, the audience see Villanueva husband fighting for his life. At the end of the episode, Villanueva husband survived the shooting.

After Villanueva husband recovered, the couple buys a home together for their new family. Villanueva and Solano continues to co-parent.

In episode 10, Villanueva husband dies of a heart attack. Episode 11 shows the characters three years after Villanueva husband death. Villanueva is still grieving over her husband loss. In addition, Villanueva starts writing a romance novel. Her novel is about Villanueva and her husband’s love story. Villanueva starts causal dating again.

At the end of this season, there’s wedding between Villanueva mother and her high school sweetheart.

Photo Credit: Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons Licenses
This popular show had 1.92 million viewers in the beginning of season 3.

Season 4

The fourth season premiered on October 13, 2017. Villanueva novel comes out, Snow Falling. Also, there’s new relationships throughout this season. Villanueva finds love and is ready to get married again. Petra Solano finds herself a new love interest and is in trouble.

Alba, Villanueva’s grandmother wants to become a U.S. citizen. Villanueva helps her study for her exam.

The last episode of this season, had me shock. An unexpected character comes back into Villanueva life. In addition, a gun went off in the last scene. Then the screen went black.


This show always has me on the edge of my seat. There’s so many plot twist that I never see coming. I love this show because it always keep you guessing. In addition, this show is very unique. There’s not another American telenovela that I am aware of.  The last season is my favorite season by far. There’s so many cliffhangers that I’ve been waiting for answers for about a year.

For example, did anyone get shot? Why is there a re-turning character back? Is Villanueva going to get engaged?

This show makes me feel sad, happy, and angry at the same time. I feel like I know the characters better than they know themselves.

The last season is premiering on March 27, 2019. CW just recently announced that there will be a spin off based off the show.



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