Freshman conquer cross country GMCs


Photo Credit: phot vial colonia xc twitter used with permission

After an outstanding performance , the freshman pose for a quick picture with their medals

By: Basma Marghany, Editor

On Saturday, October 26th the cross country teams competed at GMCs (Greater Middlesex confrence) in New Jersey.


Although everyone had a great performance the freshman girls and boy had an extraordinary performance. With four out of five freshmen girls coming in top 30. Also One out of two freshmen boys coming in top 30. The freshman who meddled are Gabe Daarocha , Eva Mezzara, Sarah Genoni, Gabby Alburq, and Ayesh Silat.

When asking them what was the expectations going into GMCs.  Daarocho said, ” I was going for a PR (personal record).” He also added, ” I didn’t think I was going to finish as well as I did.”

Agreeing with  Daarocho, Mazzara added, ” I expected myself to not do as well since I was really hurting at some point and I had to push through the pain.”

The Team

When asking them about how they felt going into the season  Genoni replied, ” I didn’t expect the team to be welcoming, but they welcomed us with open arms.”  Agreeing withing Genoni Albuquerque stated, “It was a great how they all welcomed us with open arms.” With freshman having an extra ordinary performance ,the team in general had a great performance with the girls’ team avenging their loss against Woodbridge High School in the varsity race.

The Coaches

Going into the season the coaches had great expectation for the team. As coach Csapo ( boys’ coach ) stated, ¨My expectations for the team is for the returning runners to build upon their personal bests. To set goal both individually and as a team, and to improve our record in the division.” Adding to what coach Csapo said, Coach Quick added, ¨I envisioned a strong outing by the girls varsity team at the GMCs Championships. I knew that we had a few tough losses over the season, so I was expecting to avenge some of those loses . I was proud of our team win over Woodbriddge HS in the varsity race.”

Not only did the coaches have great expectations for the team but especially the freshman. As coach Quick stated, “this year’s freshman squad enjoys having a good time when they run.  I know that while they were raw at the beginning of the season, we were able to harness some of their energy and structure it into the high school level of competition . It was reassuring to see them running as a group and to have so many medal winner in that race.” Adding to what coach Quick had said, coach Csapo added, ” I expected the freshman to strive and continue to improve.”

What’s next

Unfortunately, the cross country 2019 season has came to an end. Even though the cross country season has came to an end, most of these runner have winter and spring track coming up. It’s time for them to keep striving to get better for next season.