Brent Faiyaz’s Sonder Son album is breathe of fresh air for the R&B genre

Brent Faiyaz, the artist, is someone to listen to.

Brent Faiyaz, the artist, is someone to listen to.

By: Dawayne De Rios

Brent Faiyaz the Artist

Christopher Brent Wood (born September 19, 1995), better known by his stage name Brent Faiyaz, is an American singer and record producer. Faiyaz began uploading his music onto SoundCloud in 2014 and moved from his hometown Columbia, Maryland to Charlotte, North Carolina before ultimately settling in Los Angeles, California to further his music career.

Sonder Son the Album

Fayiaz’s Sonder Son album depicts his journey to Los Angeles. He follows his music dreams and packs his bags. When arriving,  it is not what he first comes to think of it. Instead of glitz and glamour, he notices a place stricken with impoverishment.  This is the central theme of the album. The album features smooth nostalgic beats that don’t overpower Faiyaz’s soft tone of voice. The two actually compliment each other fairly well. On tracks such as All I Want, Missing Out, Talk 2 U and Stay Down. The album does not just only deal with impoverishment though, he also takes a dive into his life, relationships and state of being going through what he feels is necessary to become a star. Relationships, drugs, his psyche are all prominent themes of his album.

Stand out songs

Within the album there are those songs that stand out as different and not your typical R&B song.  First World Probelmz/Nobody Cares, All I Want, Missing Out are three songs that stand out from the rest of the album to me. The topics of choice and the hooks to these songs resonates greatly with me, they pave the way for Faiyaz to solidify his stance in the industry with songs like that.

The Sound

The instruments and melodies on this album are really something new and fresh for the R&B genre. Faiyaz’s uses of smooth instrumentals and slowed tempo melodies, gives you the perfect chill down to earth vibes you would get from a Neo soul project. The  soft and subtle pitch of his voice also compliments the sound Faiyaz tries to portray greatly. On tracks like Home, First World Probelmz/Nobody Cares and Sonder Son (interlude)

Faiyaz’s Sonder Son album is really a work of art. When you pick it apart you can really grasp the message and the person he conveys to be through his music. I rate this album a 9/10 stars. Sonder son is truly a breathe of fresh air for the R&B genre.

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