Girls Varsity Basketball falls to Roselle Park, 49-38


Photo Credit: Alexa Leviten

Despite putting up a nice effort but the girls varsity basketball team fell to the Roselle Park

By: Shikha Patel, Reporter

On Thursday February 13, 2020, the girls varsity basketball team played against Roselle Park High School. This game was dedicated to the people that love and support them, with which the team handed out roses to these special individuals. Colonia showed their support by wearing pink, and motivated them on throughout the game. 

Colonia’s Past

From looking at previous games, Colonia has been experiencing a tough season. Even though the girls did not have a great season they are used to, this time to better themselves and improve as a whole. This season the girls won 8 out of the 18 games they’ve played. Based on the High School Sports website,  January 10th, 2019 was the most recent game  from Colonia against Roselle Park. Colonia took a tough loss to Roselle Park with the final score of 49-38.

On a break away, freshman Sarah Genoni gets an easy two for the Patriots. Photo Credit: Alexa Leviten

Colonia Stats

Freshman, Mattison Cheira has made 80 free throws, 38 assists, 8 blocks and 51 steals. She has played 23 games in total this year and has been a great asset to the team. 

Sophomore, Kennedy Goncalves, has made 30 free throws ,13 assists, four blocks and 20 steals. She has played in a total of 25 games this year and continues to dedicated herself to the game. 

The girls have worked very diligently throughout the entire season and have developed close-knit relationship. In total the girl team scored 809 points,596 rebounds and 173 steals. According to Coach Cheira, the best part of the season was, “The girls, they are so much fun they want to learn, they want to get better. They work really hard,and they get along well.” Coach Cheira always wants to inspire her team to do better. She pushes them and helps the team improve as a whole. Cheira reminds her team of the next play mentality that states,“ Don’t worry about the past and move on.” She hopes she can better her team as a whole and hopes to improve for the years to come. 

During the Game

The beginning of the game started off a little bit rocky however, they quickly find their rhythm. For the first few minutes of the game all the point were scored on free throws. The looks on both coaches were intense and anxious. Then three minutes into the game Colonia makes their first shot. However, a minute later Roselle Park makes their first shot. Within no time the first quarter ended with a score of 14-6, with Colonia in the lead.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the Roselle Park coach became very mad. Colonia begins the game with two foul shot and two layups. As the game continues it become even more exciting. Both team working at their hardest to win the quarter. However Colonia comes on top with the score of 27-17.

After the halftime show, the first two foul shots were made my Roselle Park, however still keeping Colonia in the lead. Then Colonia scores a 2 point shot and a foul shot. This begins to anger the Roselle Park coach. At the end of the quarter Colonia is seen taking the lead on the game with the score of 37-18.

The last quarter has started and the pressure is on. The Colonia girls have determination to win and lead their team to victory. Colonia scores a 2 point shot. The crowd is cheering the team on and showing their love and support. After that Colonia makes a foul shot and before time runs out they also make another 2 point shot. The game ended leaving Colonia in victory with the score of 44-22. The girls shake the other teams hand and head over to their coach to celebrate.

On the move, freshman Ashantae James attempts to drive to create some movement for the Lady Patriots. Photo Credit: Alexa Leviten

What’s next for Colonia

With this victorious win the girls hope they see similar wins in the future games and next season. The girls varsity basketball playing against Roselle Park is a game that will always be remembered. In the future Colonia hopes to win more games. Coach Cheira stated,”This whole year will be wonderful for us in terms of prepping for next year because we have a whole year under our belts.”  The whole team wants to improve together . The girls have always shown their love for the sport and they hope next year they could improve on their weak spots.