“Outerbanks” is a series that drama-lovers must watch


Photo Credit: Photo by Netflix used with permission

“Outerbanks” was released on April 15, 2020

By: Sasha Chiriboga, Editor

On April 15th Netflix released an original show that takes place in North Carolina where a group of kids try and find the treasure and the truth about one of their fathers disappearance


In the Outerbanks of North Carolina, in a little shack by the water is where John B lives. After his mother split when he was a kid and his father disappeared at sea 9 months ago. His legal guardian, which is his uncle, hasn’t been home in months. After a storm hits their town pushing things closer to shore, the group comes across an abandoned boat sunk right below the water. They discover a lock that belonged to John Bs father, has them now questioning what actually happened to his father. John B and his friends are part of the less fortunate group that are called the pogues. Sarah Cameron is part of the kooks which are the richer people in the outer banks. The rivalry between the two groups intensifies and causes tension between them.

Throughout the show, John B is determined to find out the truth of what happened to his dad and the so called treasure that his father might have died searching for. Along the journey, the friends encounter major problems. The rivalry between the two groups intensifies and causes tension between them.


I believe this to be a teen mystery drama series that everyone loves to watch.  Overall, I think that the plot was  very interesting. With season 1 left off on a cliffhanger it adds tension and suspense to the show. John B living on his own with no parents telling him what to do is something every teenager wishes they had. That element of the show captivates the younger audience. The setting of the show is also a little different because a lot of shows take place more so on the west coast than the east. It also shows the difference in classes by representing them in two different groups. The lack of money and poverty between the two groups and how others act towards them shows you how much money has an effect in the town.

The love story that develops through the season between John and Sarah Cameron adds more emotion. Their love story strings you along wondering if they would workout, since they are from the two different groups who don’t get along. Character development definitely  takes place between the main characters. John B matures as the first season goes on, finding something to do besides fooling around all day. JJ realizes that his dad has taken advantage of him and constantly abuses him and he shouldn’t be trying to impress him. Sarah Cameron starts off by not really liking the pogues. After spending a day with John B she sees him for who he really is. She realizes that they aren’t less because they don’t have more money, and is actually a better person then her own boyfriend. She craves the adventure that she can’t have as a Kook.

This show received a 72% on the Tomatometer  and I would give it 8 stars.

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