“Last Dance” gives the insight on the Bulls’ dynasty, both good and bad

The Last Dance was a ten part documentary that gave us an inside look at the Bulls dynasty of the 90s.

The Last Dance gave us an inside look of the Bulls dynasty of the 90s.

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The “Last Dance” gave us an inside look of the Bulls dynasty of the 90s.


Episodes 1 and 2 focused on the dynamic duo of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Episode 1 starts off at the start of the 1998 season. Tensions were already hot between management and the players.  After that we see Jordan’s childhood and his journey to the NBA. Episode 2 starts with Scottie Pippen showing frustration with the Bulls management. We also get to see his journey to the NBA.  One of the final quotes of the episode is by Pippen saying “I’m never going to wear this uniform again. “Episode 3 starts of talking about Dennis Rodman’s early season struggles. After that we get to know a little bit about Rodman’s past. Rodman was on the Pistons teams that beat the Bulls from 1988-1990.

Episode 4 shows some of Phil Jackson coaching. It also shows some of the early struggles between Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan. The episode ends showing Jordan’s interview in 1997 saying ” If Phil’s not back I’m not back. “Episode 5 starts with the 1998 all star game, where Jordan played Kobe Bryant. The episode goes back in time to talk about the Olympic dream team. Episode 6 shows the Bulls winning their 60th game in the 1997-1998 season. Jordan was going for his second three peat. They went back in time to show the first one.

Episode 7 starts off in the first round in 1998. It than goes back in time to show Jordan’s retirement in 1993. Episode 8 goes to the 2nd round of the 1998 playoffs. The episode goes back in time to show Jordan’s return. In his first year back he lost to the Magic. The Bulls would quickly rebound, winning 72 games and a championship in 1996.Episode 9 starts of with the 1998 ECF between the Bulls and the Pacers. It goes back in time to show the 1997 finals against the Utah Jazz. Steve Kerr hit big shots in both of these series. Episode 10 is all about the 1998 NBA finals. It gives the inside scoop of Scottie’s back injury, Jordan’s final shot with the Bulls and the aftermath of everyone leaving.


My favorite part of this documentary is how many interviews they got. They even got non-basketball interviews from people like former president Barack Obama. Hearing the opinions of everyone from people one the team to the everyday fan helps me truly realize what Jordan and the Bulls truly were.

One thing I wish there was more of was live footage from the 1998 season. They had 500 hours of footage from the 1998 season. Being able to see footage recorded at the time gives us an idea how people felt at the time, even if opinions change. Knowing how people felt then rather than now with hindsight helps give you a better understand of the time.

Overall the documentary was a great experience to watch. I would recommend watching this if you like basketball and want to learn more about one of the greatest teams ever made. If you want to watch the documentary it’s available on Netflix.

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