Is season 7 of Star Wars: the clone wars a good ending?


Photo Credit: photo via wookiepedia under the creative commons license

Star wars the clone wars saw the end of its 12 year run earlier this year. The question is if this season is a proper ending.

By: Matthew Mendives, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Star wars: the clone wars saw its end earlier this year with the release of season 7. The question many pose is if this season is an honorable end to a great show.


Firstly, episode’s 1-4 are part of the “bad batch” arch. In this arch, the republic needs the help of the bad batch, a group of clones with favorable genetic enhancements to beat the seperatist’s algorithm. The algorithm is able to accurately predict the movements of normal clones. Echo turns out to be the algorithm. The seperatists had stolen him and were using his brain to steal the clone’s moves. Anakin Skywalker and his crew are able to save Echo. Echo decides that instead of re-joining his old clone troop he would join the bad batch.

Next, episode’s 5-8 are part of the “martez sister” arch. This arch sees the return of fan favorite Ashoka Tano. Ashoka left the jedi order at the end of season 5. Tano while on her own meets the martez sisters, a couple of sisters from the poor part of Corusant. The sisters tried to do a spice deal to get rich but Tano messes it up. They end up in prison. Once she escapes she runs in her old friend Bo Katan, who tells her she needs her help.

Lastly, episode’s 9-12 are part of the “seize of mandalore” arch. Bo Katan’s home planet, Mandalore, is currently controlled by Maul. Katan has asked Ashoka Tano to get her old jedi friends, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi to help re-take Mandalore. They give Tano a clone troop lead by Tano’s friend Rex to help. Tano needs to duel with Maul. Tano ends up outsmarting Maul and Mandalore is free. While Maul is being taken in prison, order 66 is executed. Order 66 is the order that rules all jedi as traitors and causes the clone to kill them. Tano is able to narrowly avoid death. She buries her lightsabers and goes into hiding.


My favorite arch of this season is the last arch by far. This arch has everything, action, dialogue, emotion and humor. In my opinion they couldn’t have given this show a better ending than these last 4 episodes.

My opinion on the first arch is a bit mixed. I like the first episode and the last episode a lot. The first episode was a great re-introduction into a world that hasn’t seen a new story in a while. The last episode is a thrilling end. The middle two episodes, especially episode 3, drag on.

my least favorite arch is the middle arch. Ashoka Tano was re-introduced. However, this is the only important that happened. There were 100 better ways to introduce her back. This arch drags on and I believe you can honestly skip it if you really want to.


Although this wasn’t the best season I still believe this is a proper ending to a great show. If you want to watch it subscribe to Disney plus where you can watch all 7 seasons including the last one.