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Mirrorless or DSLR

December 7, 2020

Another factor that is important is whether you want a mirrorless or DSLR camera. Most camera brands make both styles, but some are more notable for one over the other. A mirrorless camera works by having light pass through the lens directly to a digital sensor. Then, the image is displayed on the camera’s LCD screen. This allows you to adjust settings and preview your image before it’s shot. Ashley Eisdorfor has a mirrorless Fuji Film camera that was recommended by a professional. She feels her camera is more advanced though and has more settings.

She says, ” I’ve been very happy with this purchase, and I use it to take videos and pictures… it is excellent quality and has numerous settings for different locations.”

A DSLR works by using a reflex mirror (or prism) that reflects light into an optical viewfinder. For the photo to be taken, the mirror moves when the shutter is released. This opens up a path to the imaging sensor. If that sounds confusing still, just know that one camera type has a mirror in it (DSLR) and the other without a mirror, hence the name mirrorless.

Other factors to consider

Take the weight of the cameras into consideration because you might be carrying it around a lot. DSLR cameras are bigger and bulkier, therefore weigh more. But, mirrorless cameras have a shorter battery life, which can be an easy fix if you just buy an extra battery. If you are a beginner, a camera that has different shooting modes could be a game-changer for you. You would just have to switch the mode depending on what type of photo you want to take. Some modes are landscape, portrait, sports, or close up. Not every camera has these modes, but if you don’t want the hassle of learning what everything means, then this is a quick and easy option for you.

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