Face masks that everyone’s masking for


Photo Credit: Christia Assa

Having an abundance of masks, there are many designs to choose from.

By: Christia Assa, Managing Editor

Masks have been integrated into our daily lives, making it the perfect gift for someone.

Currently, there are a variety of different companies selling masks, but which ones are the best to buy? Listed below I picked out three of the best masks you can choose from. Deciding which masks are the best, I looked for the three different components. Starting with the options of the mask. Does it come in different colors and designs? Does it have different sizes, so it fits different face sizes? It is important to know what will be going on in our faces, especially those sensitive to certain materials. Next, how comfortable it is. Most people are wearing the mask for a long period of time, making it important that it is comfortable. Finally, the last component I look for is if it passes the flame test. The test is to see if the mask is doing its job. The flame test is blowing a flame, like a candle, and seeing if it stays lit or not.

Amy Price, a senior research scientist at Stanford University’s Anesthesia Informatics and Media Laboratory, explains, “”It’s an OK rule of thumb. It isn’t scientific, but it’s a pretty good estimate, especially when you combine it with other [tactics] and recommendations”

Hanes Face Mask

Coming in a pack of 10, the Hanes Face Masks cost around $25. The Hanes Face Mask is a popularly pick for people. Made completely out of cotton, if cotton is the fabric for you! It is available for you to buy in two different colors, black and white. If you are going for a simple look, this is the mask for you.

While testing the flame test, I stood six feet away from the flame. Since the recommended distance between people is six feet. Just to see, I also tested it standing about a feet away too.

Disney Face Mask

To all the Disney lovers, Disney is selling their own cloth face masks. The sizes come are from small to extra large, fit for everyone of all ages. These cloth face mask comes in a variety of design including many Disney animated characters. The ear loops are elastic, so it is has a stretch to it. It is easily breathable and not to mention cute! You are able to buy the face mask in a set of two or four. The set of two is $11.99, while the set of four is $19.99

The cloth face mask was able to successfully pass the flame test.

Uniqlo Face Mask

Uniqlo, a clothing brand, created their own mask called, Airsm Face Mask. The face mask includes 3 layers, each with its own purpose. The first layer absorbs all the moisture from your face. Then, the two layers include a built-in filter which is washable. The final layer blocks any UV rays to protect the face. Not only does it cover the face well, it is easily breathable. It comes in three simple colors white, gray, and black. Also, the sizes range from S to XL. The masks are $14.90, but it comes with three masks. This is about $5 for each mask. 

Continuing doing the same procedure as I did with the Hanes Face Mask, I tested out the Uniqlo Mask. Like the Hanes Face Mask and the Disney ones, it passed the flame test. 

Fair Trade Face Mask

The Fair Trade Face Masks are made with organic, fair-trade, locally sourced fabric.  It comes in different designs and color options. Not only that, but different masks have two different ear loop options too. One is more circular, while the other is squared. The sizes also range from a small to a large. Small for ages 3 to 8, medium for ages 8 to women, and large for men and women.

The mask fits on the face well and is highly comfortable. It covers the face well as it goes from below the eye down to my neck. The mask includes a pocket where you are able to insert a disposable filter for extra safety. Proceeding with the same steps as the other masks, this face mask also passed the flame test. For one mask it is $10, but for sure it is worth the money.