Should You Consider Buying a Weighted Blanket?


Photo Credit: Photo Via Pixabay under the creative commons license.

A boy sleeping in his bed.

Weighted blankets have taken a toll on society and are considered very popular. Seemingly everyone has enjoyed the blanket more than a regular comforter. Weighted blankets have a lot of benefits, therefore, below one will see if they are willing to spend money on this blanket. 

What are Weighted blankets?

They are blankets that are heavier than a regular comforter. Weighted Blankets are filled with heavy material that puts pressure on the body to calm it down. 


These blankets are used for therapeutic reasons. It acts like a comforting hug that helps reduce anxiety. Furthermore, weighted blankets help soothe stress. Studies have shown that DPT or deep pressure touch has been used to treat people with depression and can improve mental and physical health.

“I feel like a baby being swaddled when I’m under the blanket.” Simran Kaur says.

Insomnia is also treated with weighted blankets. These blankets push the body down so if you are the type of sleeper that moves and turns a lot the weighted blanket will help.  The blanket also helps people with restless leg syndrome. Lastly, the blanket can help you fall asleep faster and can let you sleep longer. 


However, weighted blankets aren’t for everyone, especially if you are claustrophobic. Though this may seem like a pro, this blanket can be addictive and prevent you from being productive. 

“The amount of times I was almost late to my first class because of this blanket it’s crazy, it is so cozy… I never want to get up” Simran Kaur states.

In the summer it can get a little hotter since it’s not like a regular light comforter. For younger children, it may cause suffocation because of weight. So always talk to your pediatrician before getting your younger child a blanket. Lastly, it is also more on the expensive side, because it depends on how heavy it is. 

How heavy should your blanket be? 

The blanket should be 10% of your body weight.  If you weigh around 120lbs then your blanket should be 12lbs. If you weigh 150lbs then your blanket should be 15lbs. This goes for any weight of a person. For children, it should also be 10% of their weight plus a pound or two. If the child weighs around 50 pounds the blanket should be around 6-7 pounds. It should feel nice and snug when in the blanket. It should feel like a warm comforting hug. If it feels too light or very heavy try a different size blanket. Remember it’s not a regular comforter, it’s a weighted blanket so it should be a little heavier. But if it is heavy to the point where you can’t breathe then try a different weight. 

How much is it? 

Considering the different weights and sizes the price may vary. For example, if you wanted a queen size blanket that is 20lbs that would be around $100 on amazon

My opinion/ personal review  

In my honest opinion, I think the blanket is worth the price. There are so many benefits and proper sleep is very important. It helps your body repair and helps recover your mindset as well. If getting this blanket means a better night’s sleep then it’s worth the price. Days can get stressful so going to sleep and relieving that stress is worth it. Getting the weighted blanket could help you sleep cozier and quicker. 

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