Crocs or Uggs: Which shoe should you choose?

Not only are Crocs super comfortable, but they will also keep your feet warm. Who doesn't want to wear shoes that can multitask.

Photo Credit: photo by noun project under Creative Common License

Not only are Crocs super comfortable, but they will also keep your feet warm. Who doesn’t want to wear shoes that can multitask.

By: Olivia Bryant, Reporter

Your feet will never freeze again in Crocs

The classic lined clog has gotten very popular over time. Not only these types of crocs, but other styles are very popular too. But these are perfect for the winter and they will definitely keep your feet warm. Not only are these shoes for adults, but even for kids. The whole family can have matching shoes if you wanted. They are not expensive and pretty affordable, starting at $49.99. They come in sizes of women’s 6 through 12 on the Crocs website.

One person said, ¨I love my lined Crocs! They are so warm and easy to slide on. I have decorated my pair with Christmas jibbitzs for the holidays. Perfect for home use during these cold winter months. I can slip on a pair of socks and slide into my Crocs to run errands. They are so versatile and cute.¨

The downfall of Crocs

One conflict would be that they get dirty pretty easily on the outside and the fuzzy part. But a lot of people seem to be able to clean them. You can also get these at the Journeys or Crocs store. I’m sure there are other places that have these shoes as well, but those are two main places where people buy them. The biggest problem with the crocs that people had was with the color.

A Croc shoe owner said, ¨The color wasn’t right, so much darker than on the website.¨ 

So maybe next time you want to buy Crocs, take a look at them in person first to make sure you are satisfied with the color, fit, or style.

The positives of UGGS

UGGs have this protective spray that you can buy and put on your UGGs before wearing them out in rain or snow. This can help keep them cleaner and not damage the material. This does cost more money though, but in the long run, can help your shoes last years longer than without the spray.

I personally have this cleaning kit, and it is simple and easy to use.

Cynthia, a UGG reviewer said, ¨I have owned numerous pairs of these slippers and always go back to buying them again and again. They are nice and warm for the cold Michigan months! They are well made and I highly recommend them.¨ 

Negatives of UGGS

Depending on which UGG will depend on the price. In general, though, they are pretty expensive since they are made of sheepskin. The Tasman Classic Suede Slippers are $100, about $50 more than the crocs. A way to avoid paying the full price of these shoes could be to wait for a special sale or to try and see if you fit into a kids size.

Comparing the shoes

Both Crocs and UGGS are very popular brands. Even though they both are good shoe options, Crocs are lighter and are less maintenance. They also are more creative and have a more diverse option choice. UGGs are meant as more of a winter shoe, but Crocs can also be worn in the summer. If you live in a more cold climate or your feet get colder easier, then UGGS may be the way to go. If you treat them right and take care of them, they can last longer and can be worth the more expensive price. 

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