Aaron Rodgers’ future with the Packers left unclear


Photo Credit: Photo via Creative Commons license under Wikimedia Commons

Aaron Rodgers took home the Play of the Year award for his game-winning Hail Marry pass against the Detroit Lions.

By: Joseph Sanfilippo, Editor

Rodgers vs. Packers

Aaron Rodgers is a football quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. He led the team to a Super Bowl Championship in 2011. On August 29, 2018, Rodgers signed a contract with the Packers that ran through the 2023 season. In fact, the negotiation was worth 134 million dollars.

What seemed like a memorable day in Packers history left one ambiguous remark from the quarterback. “I don’t think this guarantees anything other than maybe the first three years of the deal…” It’s now 2021 and the franchise is not on good terms with him.

Rodgers has had on and off issues with management for about a year now. This all transpired because the team decided to draft quarterback Jordan Love in the first round in 2020. Rodgers felt frustrated because he was not informed about Love’s draft. He thought bringing in better wide receivers would be more important.

The famous quarterback is also unimpressed with the contract. He wants to stay committed to the team, despite the contract. Rodgers reportedly wants input into the Packers’ personnel decisions.

Plausible Futures

The contract also complicates things as, “Rodgers received a $6.8-million roster bonus in March, making it hard to believe the Packers would hand him that money and then deal the nine-time Pro Bowler. The Packers would also be on the hook for roughly $38 million in dead money after trading Rodgers, though designating the trade as a post-June 1 transaction would allow them to put approximately $21 million of that toward 2021, with the remaining $17 million pushed into 2022.”

A lot of possibilities are up in the air for Rodger’s fate. The football champion can retire despite being an MVP at 37 years old. Many fans think Rodgers can play one more year in Green Bay. It makes sense from a logical standpoint for the team.

Packers manager Brian Gutekunst can set up some sort of restructuring. If not, Love will be a starter in 2022.
Another plausible decision would have Rodgers leaving the team. “It would take a lot at this point. If Rodgers retires with Green Bay, then that would more than likely mean that Love and Gutekunst would not be with the organization. It’s a highly unlikely scenario that all three would be in Green Bay together for more than two years.”

“If Love is traded, then the Packers still run the risk of losing Rodgers. An extension would have to be agreed on that all but guarantees Rodgers stays in Green Bay. Basically, Gutekunst and Rodgers would have to mend a very-public feud to make that happen, and that also rarely if ever happens.”

Messy State

Rogers didn’t even make an appearance at a mandatory Packers minicamp. His feud with the Packers is a messy public that hasn’t quite resolved. “Rodgers skipped voluntary organized team activities leading into minicamp and stands to be fined $93,085 if he misses all three days unless the team excuses him. Rodgers already forfeited a $500,000 offseason workout bonus.” The future of the Packers is left unknown.