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One of the most spooky places in Middlesex County is the Woodbridge Township Board of Education building. Ghost sightings at the Woodbridge Board of Ed. Building ( WTSD BOE) has sparked fear in many of its employees. 

Ghost sightings at the Woodbridge Board of Ed. Building

Halloween is quickly creeping up on us and there is no better time to look into haunted properties in Middlesex County. One of the most spooky places is said to be the Woodbridge Township Board of Education building.

Ghost sightings at the Woodbridge Board of Ed. Building ( WTSD BOE) has sparked fear in many of its employees.

Fulton Street Train Wreck

The Board of Education building was built in 1876, originally it was PS1 Public School. On February 6th, 1951, a train derailed and managed to kill and injure hundreds of passengers. The local responders were not nearly ready for this wreck. Therefore, they started using some local buildings to treat patients. There is a rumor that The Board of Education building was one of them and was used as a makeshift morgue for the fatalities. Many believe that some of these patients weren’t completely dead when buried. This allegation led to talk about potential spirits and ghosts. The Fulton Street train wreck remains one of the worst wrecks recorded in American history.

The Basement/Attic

Many employees have come out to interviewers and shared their encounters with ghosts. Administrators often saw small movements and weird dark shadows travel throughout the hallways. In addition, new members of the facility have felt they became targets for these spirits. People joke that the ghosts are”checking out” the newcomers and scare away the ones they don’t like. A commonplace for these ghosts is the basement and attic. Furthermore, the NJ Paranormal committee came in contact with ghosts and documented the sounds from the basement. Specialists have noticed patterns in the bathrooms and back windows. Similarly, rumors state that the stalls would flush by themselves without an automatic censor.

Administrator Experience

Colonia High School administrator, Mr. Panko, who worked in the WTSD BOE Building never had any personal interactions with any spirits, ghosts, or vapors during his time.  Although his office was on the second floor and most of his work there was on either floor one or two.

He recalls, “on when visiting the attic (which was infrequent) and the basement (frequent) that there was always a strange feeling of being watched.”

Ghost hunters say there is a lot of evidence and experiences that have occurred in this building, however, there is a need for further research. Mr. Panko feels that ghosts at the WTSD BOE Building are just all a form of fiction. People like to keep rumors alive to engage with others and find common ground.

Mr. Panko states that he is ” not sure if it was an overactive indignation fed on cheesy scare movies of the ’70s and ’80s or was it that the place was really haunted.”

In addition, Julie Bair who is the Director of Special Services has also never experienced any personal paranormal activity. However, her “former supervisor had some experiences but unfortunately, she has retired and no longer working here.” This being said, it’s hard to tell if these stories are true or just for show. Furthermore,  the ghosts of the  Woodbridge Township Board of Education building remain secrete and often spark fear in employees and Woodbridge Township citizens.

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