Funky jewelry is not weird, it’s trendy


Photo Credit: Rachelle Saerang

Assortment of funky jewelry displayed.

By: Rachelle Saerang, Editor

Funky and chunky jewelry has taken over the wish list of teenagers this holiday season. Although it sounds usual, it’s actually a cool and fun way to accessorize!

What is Funky Jewelry?

Not funky a weird or strange smell, but the funky that is defined as “modern and stylish in an unconventional or striking way”, according to Lexico. Funky jewelry is unique, creative, and the cool kind of weird. It’s all about statement pieces that stand out.

This subsection of jewelry sports bright colors, many shapes that can be plants or animals, and are thick. Most notable examples are the use of mushrooms, flowers, butterflies, paperclips, crystals, pearls, and rainbow beads reminiscent of 90s and 2000s teenage jewelry. Some materials used can be the typical silver or gold, and even clay or colorful plastic and resin. 

The Vivienne Westwood Pearl Necklace 

At the forefront of the “funky takeover” is the Mini Bas Relief Choker. It is a prime example of funky jewelry. 

The Vivienne Westwood orb and planet ring-like logo is the centerpiece and pearls line around the necklace. It includes all the factors necessary to accomplish the funky look: thick pearls and unique logos. 

In recent years, this choker has been trending. This is due to its throwback of vintage, unique brand, and its achievement of being a statement piece but also still remaining chic. For a summary of the history and popularity of the necklace, watch the YouTube video by Modern Gurlz

Although of great quality and significance, the brand’s jewelry can range from $100 to as high as $600. 



The material should always be the most considerable factor. 

When looking for metal jewelry, be sure its ratio of metal is at least 70% compared to its other materials to guarantee more usage. Just like when the cotton percentage of denim jeans is higher, that means it’s stiffer and will last longer. 

The most popular form of clay jewelry is rings. The best material for clay jewelry is polymer clay.  Resin is a greater material alternative to plastic jewelry. It is an organic material that achieves the same clear and glossy appearance as plastic. 


Where to Buy

For charming yet affordable jewelry, look no further than these store recommendations: 

& Other Stories is a great store to find good quality jewelry for a reasonable price. The prices range from $19 to $49. They are transparent with their material use which shows that this jewelry is durable. The pieces don’t make a fashion statement to the extreme so it is timeless and suitable to the general audiences. 

Madewell is on the pricier side but its quality is long lasting. Prices range from $15 to $78. The brand is also transparent in its material use and also how to care for it. Madewell jewelry normally takes on intriguing shapes and is the place to go for off the rack pieces. 

For truly unique funky jewelry, buying from Etsy is the best option. Esty is a website and app where you can buy and sell homemade items. This is a way to support small businesses and get one-of-a-kind jewelry. Prices range depending on specific sellers. 


Rainbow Beads are Back

An alternative when not knowing the specific jewelry to buy our jewelry kits. Jewelry kits are DIY (do it yourself) assembly sets where one can create their own jewelry with the given materials. 

The most popular material is rainbow beads. These include thread, plastic beads with assorted colors or letters and signs, and charms. These beading bracelets and necklaces are back in style due to the nostalgia surrounding the 90s and 2000s era of fashion. 

The rise in the use of the beads also comes from the effects of the world’s current pandemic. Jewelry kits can be used as escapism from reality. “Perhaps, it reminds many of the charming types of imagination they had when they were younger. I know for myself, this sort of fantastical world-building art form has acted as a coping mechanism while I was growing up,” says Isabelle Lalonde during an interview for Vox. Lalonde is a handmade jewelry designer with an online store that rose in popularity during the height of lockdown.