Dyson Airwarp is a pricey complete styler


Photo Credit: Photo via Dyson.com

Shop the Dyson Airwarp Complete Styler. Available in three different color options.

By: Jackie Poznanski, Editor

The Dyson Airwarp complete styler is a hair styling tool the utilizes air to simultaneously dry and style all types of hair. This product has become the beauty tool of 2021 and is almost impossible to find in stores.

Product Features

The Dyson Airwrap styler is engineered for various hair types and textures. The product uses different size barrels to help complete the desired look. For example, the 1.2-inch Airewarp barrel creates voluminous curls or waves. The 1.6-inch barrels produce bouncy/ loose curls and waves. The round volumizing brush has long, fine bristles that direct air deep into the hair to give body by creating tension to shape the hair as it dries. The soft smoothing brush has soft ball-tip bristles that create a smooth, straighter style while being gentle on the scalp. The firm smoothing brush smooths and controls frizz-prone hair through a more straighter style. Lastly, the pre-styling dryer takes hair from wet to damp and prepares for styling with the barrels or brushes.

Extra Pieces

The storage case protects and stores the Dyson Airwrap styler and attachments. The copper-edged storage bag securely stores your Dyson Airwrap styler when you’re on the move. The paddle brush smooths your hair before styling and during blow-drying. The detangling comb glides through wet or dry hair, detangling with minimal friction. The filter cleaning brush and the non-slip mat are added for safe and clean placement during and after styling. 


This tool has many benefits, one being it attracts and wraps hair using only air. Since there is no heat, your hair will not experience extreme heat damage than it normally would with other products. Furthermore, this tool comes with so many pieces so it is fit for all types of hair textures and can work efficiently. Changing between barrels/brushes is super easy since it has a quick-release switch and a cool-touch tip that allows you to change attachments after styling. This product also guarantees a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor.

Where to Buy

This product is currently unavailable on the Dyson website and out-of-stock in Sephora and other beauty stores. This devices prices around $549.99 depending on your provider.


This tool is a three-time Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner and Winner of a 2021 Allure Best of Beauty Award. 82% of reviewers on the Dyson website would recommend to a friend and the overall rating is 4.4/5 stars.

An anonymous reviewer on Ulta describes the Dyson Airwrap complete styler to be “not worth the money.

They state, “Unfortunately here are the problems I ran into. The curlers are hard to figure out and once you do you have to section very small pieces to be able to wrap them around the barrel. The second problem I ran into was that the machine took a lot of GFI and keep tripping my breaker.”

On the other hand, there are many more positive reviews on this product on the Dyson website. 

Reviewer Kess states, “Amazing! I find it hard to keep my hair styled for long without it turning dry/frizzy, and this product not only keeps my hair fabulous with salon-quality + shine, but it also eliminates frizz & maintains it all day long. My hair is much healthier now than other hair tools which overheat and dry my hair out. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything you need, without a doubt worth the splurge. The only hair tool I use now!”

As a result, I feel this product has the potential to be the only hair product used due to its diversity. I would recommend this product to someone who does their hair quite frequently and is afraid of heat damage. Furthermore, one must be comfortable with the price as it appears to be luxury. I think many of the negatives are outnumbered by the positives and the Dyson Airwrap complete styler is a high-demand beauty product that is efficient and effective.