How film cameras are making a comeback this holiday season


Wondering what to get your teenager this year just got easier with Polaroid and Fuji film cameras making their way back into teens’ lists this year.

By: Sarah Quiceno, Reporter

With the holidays upon us, you might wonder what to get a teenager this year. Luckily for anyone still obsessed with old trends, film cameras are making a comeback this holiday season.

If your teenager in mind can’t help but pull out their phone to take a quick picture, these retro cameras are the perfect way to add variety to their usual selfies.

Fuji film Disposable Camera

For all of the artsy photographers, disposable film cameras are making the tops of lists. Fuji film disposable cameras have recently reemerged and are a great budget-friendly gift this year. A pack of two cameras is only around $25, making it very affordable. If you’re looking to purchase a Fuji film disposable camera, stores such as Walmart, Target, and Amazon have plenty to offer. 

Disposable cameras are a great alternative way to capture moments with friends or of anything that catches your eye. These cameras work by using a pre-loaded roll of film. After you finish taking all the pictures you please is when you would have to get the develop your film. 

The development of film may sound like a hassle, but you can get 24 pictures exposed, or developed, at pharmacies such as Walgreens or CVS for only $14.99. The end result of your beautifully created masterpiece will be worth the wait in the end. After all, the experience you get  taking  pictures with an actual camera beat a simple tap on a smartphone screen.

Photo via under the Creative Commons License.
To make sure you take the best pictures possible with your disposable camera, always take pictures with bright lighting and try different angles.

Polaroid Cameras

Along with disposable cameras is the revival of the Polaroid camera. You can find Polaroid cameras at many popular stores such as Urban Outfitters, Target, and Best Buy. The instant camera with a retro look is offered in many different colors and styles, fitting everyone’s personality. It can be priced anywhere from $70 to $120, depending on the style that is purchased.

If you aren’t patient when it comes to waiting for your photos, the Polaroid camera is just for you. Unlike the disposable cameras, you don’t need to go out of your way to develop your pictures before seeing them. Rather, you simply  focus your lens, take the picture and your white-border hand held picture will slide out of the camera just moments after. Although it may take some practice, the aesthetically pleasing pictures that will result are definitely worth the trial and error.

Along with the different colors and models that Polaroid offers, you can also choose to pair your gift with a stylish case. Cases for your Polaroid camera $6-$40, depending on the brand. These cases are in stock at many stores such as Target, Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart making them easy to purchase.

 This camera is a great choice for teens looking to tap into their inner photographer, or simply capture their favorite moments. 

Photo via under the Creative Commons License.
Taking and developing a Polaroid photo can be fully completed in under 15 minutes. This makes the process much faster in comparison to other film cameras.