Apple Watch may be the perfect gift


Photo Credit: Photo via Trusted Reviews under Creative Commons License

Pictured is an assortment of Apple Watches in an array of colors and styles. These color and style combinations are all available for purchase.

By: Dylan DaCunha, Editor-in-Chief

This holiday season it may seem harder than ever to pick out gifts. What would mom like? Would dad actually use that? What could I possibly buy for a teen? An Apple Watch may be the perfect solution to satisfy someone of any age.

The Apple Watch

The first-generation Apple Watch was such a technological advancement in its 2015 release.  It came in only two colors: stainless steel or black space stainless steel. Several of its features include a heart rate sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, Bluetooth, and not much else. The watch was waterproof, but couldn’t withstand the depths current watches can handle. It was meant to be a tool to help people tell time, but inform them of bodily insights and complete similar functions of a phone but in a quicker, more time-efficient manner.  Since then, the Apple Watch has evolved into a tool that does much more than its 2015 predecessor.

Series 7

The latest Apple Watch is the Series 7, which is set to come out soon. It has a starting price of $399 and developers have given the gadget an update since the Series 6. It features a bigger case size – between 41 and 45 mm, which is 1 mm larger than that of the Series 6. However, we see a decrease in the bezel size, but this allows for 50% more text and a full keyboard. This screen is 50% thicker, making it more resistant to dust and water. It’s also important to add that the Series 7 is waterproof, and Apple markets it as “swim-proof” for up to 50 meters and “crack-resistant,” as they’re using their strongest crystal ever on the screen of this watch. With the watch, you can monitor several components of your health as well. It can monitor your blood oxygen level, sleep, respiratory rate, and metrics during workouts. It can even take an electrocardiogram (ECG) in 30 seconds. The mindfulness app installed on the watch sends positive reminders periodically to keep people motivated and inspired. It’s the perfect gift for any athlete in your life.

It comes in an array of over 5 colors, which is more of an assortment than the other watches. There are also various band colors and styles to choose from to fit anyone’s personal style. It features cellular and GPS to contact others in an emergency, and the most recent watches contain an SOS feature.

Series 3

For a cheaper option that still gets the job done, consider purchasing the Series 3 watch. Starting at $199, it contains the essential functions for monitoring fitness and health. With this watch, one can view heart rate and basic metrics after a workout including heart rate, respiratory rate, and calories burned as well as the duration of the workout. In an emergency, the watch contains an SOS feature to notify first responders. It includes cellular and GPS capabilities if you choose to add that to your plan. This could be a great gift for an older person who wouldn’t utilize all of the features included in the Series 7 or SE models.