Pitfalls of prom planning


Photo Credit: Photo via Pixabay

Prom dress shopping can be stressful and extensive and motivate students to not attend.

Prom is a day all high school students look forward to. However, the challenges soon override the excitement. Finding the perfect dress while maintaining a reasonable budget is frankly impossible. The pitfalls of prom planning, shoes, makeup appointments, and even finding a date can add to the stress of prom day.

Shopping for a Dress

The current fashion trends of prom dresses have become very generic and repetitive. This is unfortunate for many, who want to express their creativity and artistry through their clothing. Declining fashion has become a major issue in society as more people decide to fit in rather than stand out.

The first challenge in finding the perfect dress is figuring out where to obtain the outfit. While many advocate for conducting shopping in person, online stores have skyrocketed as it is more convenient. Shopping online can work better for those that know their size and what style they want.

Making appointments at prom dress boutiques is a task in itself. Planning time to visit these stores and coming across the dress you desire is like finding a needle in a haystack. Depending on the store, buying a dress may at times be more irritating when the seller is aggressive and overly opinionated. Most of these dresses are sold at an increased price due to the high cost of maintaining the business.

For example, the dress may cost $300 to purchase and additional tailoring fees may cost another $200. A prom dress can easily cost a student a few hundred dollars when it will only be worn for a few hours. According to popular dress brand Jovani, “The average cost most teens spend on prom is around $950.”

Shoes and other accessories add to the cost as well. The proper heels need to then be measured with the length of one’s dress. Despite the height, girls will most likely take off their heels soon after they arrive.

Makeup and Hair

The stress doesn’t stop at the dress-makeup and hair is a major part of the total look. Many teenage girls are proficient in makeup and feel they can manage their day-to-day looks. However, prom is a special day where everyone wants to look spectacular with gorgeous makeup and professionally styled hair. Therefore, teens spend another $200 on their hair and makeup, which generally doesn’t turn out how they want it to.

Finding a Date

Looking for a date is the cherry on top of all the prom stress that ultimately turns people away from attending. Getting asked to prom isn’t as simple as it may seem. Singles try to find friends, classmates, and even outside guests to accompany them to prom. Making this decision can be very awkward and uncomfortable for many when both parties aren’t on board. While it’s totally acceptable to attend prom with a group of friends, high school students take it more seriously.

My final thoughts

In my opinion, prom should be a time for people to enjoy their time with friends rather than focus on dresses. It should be acceptable and comfortable for girls to wear whatever they feel confident in despite price and status. Students should feel free to take whomever they want to prom or simply attend solo. While these expectations are far from reality, things need to change in order for good memories to be made. Leave these pitfalls to prom planning in the past and focus on enjoying this special day in one’s high school career.