Why you should ask for the PlayStation 5 this holiday


Photo Credit: Photo via Flickr under Creative Commons License

Pictured is the PlayStation 5 in white. It includes one controller for game play.

By: Dylan Maltez, Reporter

The PlayStation 5 gaming console is one of the most popular to date. Teens are still buying the console even two years after its release. Here is why it should be on your wishlist this holiday season.

The rarity of the PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 was first released in 2020. People went out of their way to wait in lines for multiple days. This quickly made for a popular complaint about it: it was hard to get. The consoles were getting sold faster than they were getting restocked. Scalping was another issue with the release. People would buy it and then resell it for more money. Buyers either had to be really lucky or buy the console for a crazy price.


The PlayStation 5 is a ninth-generation console and is the most powerful gaming console on the market. It provides smooth and impressive graphics. The gaming console also has a solid-state drive for faster load times. It contains support for ray tracing and 3D audio. Other features include haptic feedback and a custom AMD processor. A custom two-based graphic processing unit is present in the gaming console. It is safe to say the PlayStation 5 technology is impressive. Braden Degeorge is a student from Colonia. He said, “It’s fun and I can play God of War,” when asked his opinion on the PlayStation 5.

The different versions

There are two versions of the PlayStation 5 that are available. The first is the standard version. This is a standalone console. Then there is the Digital Edition, which does not have a disc drive. It can only play digital games. It also has backward compatibility with most PlayStation 4 games. This allows users to play their old games on the new console. The standard version is 500 dollars. However, the Digital Edition is 400 dollars. The best places to buy the PlayStation 5 are Amazon and Best Buy. Both sellers often have it in stock and have deals.

Now is the best time to buy

With Christmas comes deals. Gaming consoles are always on sale near Christmas, with good games on them. Bundles are also more common during the holiday season. A bundle is when you get the console that also comes with a game with similar console pricing. The best time to buy is now. Stores will restock the console for enough people to buy around the holidays.

The PlayStation 5 is continuing to get more exclusives even after almost two years. With the release of God of War Ragnarok and past titles like Spiderman: Miles Morales and Demon Souls, more exclusive games are coming to PlayStation 5. This makes it a must-have this year. It is strong, and has great deals, making it a love of hard-core gamers. Now is the best time to purchase one because the holiday season is ending soon.