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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

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Replace video games with board games this holiday

Photo Credit: Photo via flickr Under Creative Commons License
In 1904 Lizzie Magie created the original concept for Monopoly were players moved around a board buying properties and paying rent. Years later Charles Darrow would make some tweeks to Magie’s original game and sell it to the Parker Brothers in 1935.

Maybe instead of getting your kids a video game for Christmas, get them something similar but also can gain a closer bond with your children. A game like Monopoly can teach your children money management skills, improved social skills and memories that they’ll never forget.

In order to get your child more engaged in trying this it would be best to get them one based off of their favorite series such as “Super Mario” and “Fortnite”.

Family Gathering and Bonding Skills

Monopoly is great for gatherings and a great way to get everyone involved in something. Monopoly’s simple design allows it to be accessible to all ages and backgrounds. This game can be a good alternative for just small talk and can give everyone there a common focus on something.

Monopoly helps bonding skills as well being a way to learn how to communicate better with others. It can also remove anxiety and awkward silences out of situations with family and friends.

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Money Management

Monopoly can teach different management skill such as taking loans from the bank and strategically spending the money on properties and how much to invest in those properties. It also releases the temptation to spending or borrowing too much because if you go into to much debt you loose the game.

Monopoly also helps entrepreneurs about these skills. By simply playing the game Monopoly teaches you that you’ll never know where you’ll be in life like with the dice and how to properly spend it as you go along with simply trading or purchasing properties.

Monopoly also teaches you the downfalls in spending too much money being that one property investment can cause you to not be able to afford another. It shows you not only how to spread your investments out but also how much you should put into each property. Taking risks also leads to good and bad things but in the end it’s all up to the dice.

Mental Health Improvement

With the amount of risks and decisions in monopoly, when something you do works out it can give you a great confidence boost.

Board games overall also makes the mind sharper especially with monopoly with its puzzle solving and heavy emphasis on decision making. Cognitive skills as well consist these things such as focussing and memorization. A game like Monopoly can help exercise the part of the brain that conveys these skills.

Monopoly can also help reduce stress and help manage heavy emotions. With a mix of winning and loosing throughout the game allows you to manage emotions and control the frustrations that comes with this feeling.

Negotiation skills also occur when playing Monopoly being that you gotta make deal and negotiate with other players to try and get the best outcome for yourself but also a great deal with them.

You also have to keep your brain healthy because it functions like a muscle. If you don’t exercise it, it will be weaker. And Monopoly can be a great exercising tool for the brain.

Things such as reaching, grabbing, holding, moving, and even co-ordination can be hard skills for a child to learn. But by playing Monopoly children must move pieces around a board and give out money in certain patterns in which can also help the develop reliability. 

Where to Buy it?

Monopoly is available at store like Gamestop, Walmart, Target and BetBuy for roughly $10-$30 depending on which one you’re getting. The price can heavily vary depending on the franchise you’re getting a monopoly board to just basic monopoly. I’d recommend though buying it used online for a cheaper price and with a brand your child will recognize on sites like Amazon, Ebay or Mercari for a better deal.

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Replace video games with board games this holiday