get Christmas sparkly lips with Fenty Beauty


Photo Credit: Asher Ramires

When Fenty Beauty was released to the public in the UK, it was only sold at Harvey Nichols department stores, the chain of stores only sells designer collections. In 2019 the brand would not only work with this chain of stores, but would also work with Sephora.

By: Asher Ramires, Reporter

Fenty Beauty is a makeup brand created by the singer Rihanna that was launched in 2017. You can currently get their products on their online store, Sephora, and Ulta Beauty. Fenty became popular for its wide variety of skin tones in foundations in addition to presenting a great public demand for the quality of its products. The brand currently not only works with a makeup line, but also has a skincare and perfume line. However, it is not a particularly cheap brand, since a lip gloss costs around $20.

Is Fenty’s lipgloss worth the price?

The formula of these glosses is somewhat heavy and thick, but they do not feel sticky on the lips at any time. Its formula is also very moisturizing, leaving a smooth finish on the lips. It also has very good durability for a gloss.

Fenty glosses have different finishes with different colors. Some have a lighter finish, with flashes of glitter, and others have a more complex finish. I could explain it as a more defined milky color. I personally like the reflective pearl finish of the glosses better, but the latest glosses have become quite popular.

The price is a bit expensive, since each gloss is around $20 dollars, but if you really think about buying it, the product is pretty good and has very good reviews from the public. Taking advantage of the fact that we are in festive times, the discounts and gift combos are not far behind, since you can get a combo of three lip glosses for $40 dollars.

However, it is still quite expensive, so the dupes are a very good option too: ColourPop Lux gloss, Maybeline Lifter Gloss Hydrating Lip Gloss, and REVOLUTION Shimmer Bomb Lip Gloss are some examples of glosses very similar to Fenty’s. They count with a much more accessible price range, starting from $5 to $10 dollars.