Best Christmas gifts for teenagers

By: Dylan Miller

Teenagers can be hard to read,to get a bit more insight into what teenagers are looking for,I’ve developed a list of 5 things teenagers are looking for.

Since every teen is different, I’ve chosen one gift for 5 different scenarios from gamers who are looking for a video game setup in their bedroom to the athlete who is looking for some sports gear.

Music Gift-Ears(Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker)

Bluetooth speakers are a good go-to gift for teenagers and this one is one of the best overall picks. It has great battery life and is very durable. Strategist writer Jordan Bowman says “It has survived enough drops to be in a John Wick movie” This speaker sells for $89 on Amazon and $100 at Best Buy 

Sports Gift(Spike-ball Game Set)

If you have a nice backyard or live close to a park, this may be a good gift to get. The rules are simple:there are 2 teams and every player on each team must touch the ball before it hits the net. First to 21 points.  It’s $75 on Amazon and $60 at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Sports Gift Option 2(Theragun Mini)

On the more expensive side is the theragun, acclaimed by therapists and trainers. This is a great investment, especially for athletes. Columnist Rio Viera-Newton’s physical therapist told her that it’s the “Best at home muscle-relief tool money can buy” The only downside is it’s expensive cost, it costs $149 at Amazon and $199 at Therabody.

Gaming Gift(SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset)

A headset is necessary for all kinds of gaming. This headset is versatile enough to work wirelessly for the switch,PC and Android phone. This is a great, affordable gaming-headset option going for $90 at Amazon at the moment.

Clothing Gift(Nike Sportswear Fleece Pullover Hoodie)

I think this hoodie would be a great option for the teenager you’re shopping for. This is made from a comfortable cotton-poly blend and in case you were worried about getting the right color for your kid,the hoodie comes in a variety of colors too. It isn’t very expensive and costs $55 at Nordstorm and $55 at Nike.