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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

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How AirPods became a popular holiday gift

Photo Credit: The Declaration Staff
The development of AirPods from the first to the third generation (left to right). The case even has a customizable engraving feature where you can put your name, initials, and even emojis.

Apple’s headphone products have been a key factor in the company’s success for years. This first started with the classic AirPods in 2016.


If you have come across most people with headphones in, there is a good chance that they are AirPods. Wireless earphones have generated a lot of traction which is mostly from the amount of technology used in such a small product. The earbuds’ small weight component can feel more pleasant because you don’t have to deal with extra wires, which normally puts less strain on the users’ heads. They produce good sound quality and are very convenient for people with apple products. 

Updated Versions

Apple has, since the introduction of the first generation AirPods, released three newer models with unique benefits. They all contain a better battery life, new options to fit the customer’s ear better, and most importantly noise cancellation. This is able to reduce background noise and makes phone calls way more convenient for the other person as they are able to hear your voice more clearly. 

Bluetooth History  

AirPods can be paired with any device with the use of Bluetooth. They were inspired by a Japanese company named Onkyo in 2015, where the “Onkyo W800BT” was launched as the first wireless earphones in the world. Siri is able to connect from the iPhone to the AirPods which use Bluetooth technology to communicate with each other. 

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United States respondents using headphones or earphones are most likely to use an Apple product. Where the AirPods own 34.4% of the market currently, Beats, another product from Apple’s portfolio, is in second place at 15.3%. 

Samsung Electronics designed a line of wireless Bluetooth earphones in 2019, known as the Galaxy Buds.  The new Galaxy Buds Pro 2 cost ($230) which is fifty dollars less than the newest AirPods 3 ($180). Apple’s advantage is that it started off the wireless earphones three years earlier than Samsung. This is why some features AirPods have currently are better, like the noise cancellation feature than the Galaxy Buds. 

Most users tend to buy wireless earphones conveniently with the phone they have. As both devices work way better than the other on the brand of their product. This is where many concerns for Apple are brought up, they may have a popular product in the U.S., but the world is very different. Since Samsung has had the better-selling mobile phone for many years now, more individuals will tend to switch over to the phone they currently have once the AirPods are lost or broken. That phone is most predominantly a Samsung. 

Some accessories you may need

The AirPods need to be charged accordingly to what the battery life is at. You can connect them to either a USB-A Lightning cable or the most recent USB-C Lightning cable 

When cleaning the AirPods you may want some cotton swabs to remove earwax and they will help polish your AirPods. This is beneficial for improving the audio quality.

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Massimo del Pozo
Massimo del Pozo, Reporter
Massimo del Pozo is a 16 year old Senior, attending Colonia High School. He is very attuned with today's sports society and is very passionate with his opinions. His favorite sports teams to watch are the New York Yankees, Rangers, Knicks, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Massimo's favorite genre of music is Hip Hop and is an avid listener of Kanye West. He almost always has an AirPod in during the day because it helps him concentrate and keeps him calm. During his free time he enjoys playing video games that consist of GTA V, 2k23, and Call of Duty. He hopes for everyone to show respect for his opinion on certain topics and appreciates people's time for reading his articles. 

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How AirPods became a popular holiday gift