How to ask someone to be yours this Valentine’s Day

By: Victoria Sanchez, Reporter

Explaining V-day

Valentine’s Day, which falls on February 14, is a major deal for many want-to-be romantic pairs. V-Day represents love, affection, and disagreements. It serves as a marketing scheme and a prime time for marriage proposals. What actually is the right way to ask someone to be your Valentine is a difficult question, though.

This can be broken down in a variety of ways, but it also depends on the unique traits of the person asking. It also is based on how often certain ways of asking are seen. For instance, the inexpensive Schwartz heart-shaped chocolate boxes, which sell at Walgreens nationwide starting in February, are very popular, and the chocolate inside isn’t even that tasty. 

Valentine’s Day should be memorable and represent one’s affection for another person. Here are three ideas to jazz up your valentine only a few days before the big V-day.

Sending flowers

Looking for a great alternative to the average flowers? Fresh Sends, a modernized flower company located out of California, delivers seasonal bouquets with beautiful flowers on any day of the week. There is room in the box to add a candle, a tote bag, and/or a card of your choice. It comes with great simplistic packaging and ships quickly all over the world. What better way to ask someone to be your valentine than with flowers, more personal ones at least? 

Writing a letter 

A great low-cost alternative to asking someone to be your valentine is by writing a letter. Pour your heart out to the recipient. Be sure to mention their best qualities and reflect your undying love for them. Well, it has to be good since you didn’t get them anything else. To be fair, a letter is a great way to express your inner feelings in a creative way. Add some color, and maybe even design a cute envelope. This is perfect for an existing relationship, rekindling an old one, or starting fresh. 

Asking in person

Asking in person is always more intimate to someone else than over text or call. It is important to be innovative with your date idea and make sure you don’t have any ulterior motives. Don’t use the words, “Will you be my valentine?” because they are overused. Be original and mention how much the person means to you. However, don’t do it over iMessage, or a day or two before. 

With these three great ways, you will be sure to have someone on your side this Valentine’s Day, and if not, well then you didn’t follow this advice.