Womens fashion of 2014


Photo Credit: Destinee Yancey

Similar to the 90's, 2014 fashion trends included combat boots and flannel among other things.

By: Destinee Yancey, Fall Reporter

The year 2014 is close to an end. One of the most remarkable things about it was the immense amount of women’s fashion.

Tops in female fashion included a lot of band merchandise. Because of the rise of Australian punk rock band 5 Seconds of Summer their fans want to wear the shirts similar to the members. Bands like Nirvana and Green Day will be seen on various amounts of teenage girl’s shirts. Also a lot of plaid flannels were worn to give a simple outfit an edgy look. Crop tops are sold in almost every clothing store even though it’s against the school’s dress code. Billions of crop tops will fill a women’s closet no matter what.

To complete an outfit adding accessories is a MUST. The Michael Kors Jet Set Logo tote was seen on the arms of multiple girls. They seem love the ‘MK’ initials all over the bag that is very cute even though its $178. It’s what females asked for on Christmas of 2013. They also got tons of Alex and Ani bangle bracelets that are at least $28. Tattoo chokers were one of the coolest things a 15 year old could wear in the 90s. You could see favorite stars wearing them in old shows such as Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Now teens wear it to have the 90s grudge look. Purchasing them used to be much easier since they would have them in the toy vending machines at the supermarket, but now you’ll have to order it online for as low as $2 on Etsy.

Shoes are a girl’s best friend. This year it was all about boots and cute jelly shoes. And by jelly shoes I mean the cute plastic like sandals that some would wear as a child and the classic bulky combat boots Dr. Martens. Teen sensation Harry Styles has inspired many with the Chelsea boots.

Some of the biggest fashion trends of 2014 were tying a flannel around the waist, not actually wearing it though. Also having all black apparel was a big hit.

As you could see fashion this year has repeated history instead of evolve.