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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration


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Mediocre Meal from Bahama Breeze

Photo Credit: Tani Popoola
While pulling up to Bahama Breeze you are greeted with a luminescent sign

If you are looking for a  fresh restaurant, Bahama Breeze is the way to go.  It is located in Woodbridge in front of Sears at Woodbridge Mall and next to Olive Garden. They are a chain restaurant and are located in different states such as Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia and Maryland. They are owned by Darden Restaurants and were a chain restaurant since 1996. When you go, you can expect at least a $30 minimum to spend.

When you first walk in, you’ll be welcomed by a hostess/host that will check if there are any vacancies according to how many people are in your party. After you are situated at a table, a waiter/waitress will come to your table and hand you menus and ask if you would like to try the daily special. When I went, the special daily appetizer  was a tilapia dish that can be prepared in different styles like, Almond crusted, chimichurri, or classic.

Before any food comes to your table, the server will ask if you want any drinks. I ordered a Shirley Temple which is a cherry sauce (called grenadine) and sprite mix (no alcohol). Although they do offer alcoholic drinks that are named after islands with a unique name. For example, there is a drink called Painkiller, British Virgin Islands and Zombie, California.

BBQ Bacon and cheeseburger and Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Photo Credit: Tani Popoola

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I took a few minutes to scan the menu to search for what I want and finally I ordered the BBQ Bacon and Cheese Burger. Since people like their burgers differently, the waitress asked how I wanted it and I got a well done burger with no onions. My meal also included fries with ketchup.  I went with my friend and she ordered a Jamaican Jerk Chicken that came with black beans and a special jerk chicken sauce on the side.

Finally  our orders got to the table and I pretty much devoured my burger and fries. I had to ask for a refill for my drink because I finished it before they brought my food. They almost take too long to bring the food but I know it’s because there was a good amount of people in the restaurant that day. The burger was too big to fit into my mouth at once so I had to cut it into pieces to eat it. My fries were kind of too fried and came out harder than to my expectation.

I asked my friend how her chicken was, and she said that it was a little dry and she asked for some extra sauce to put on it. My cole slaw made my burger bun all soggy and it started to come apart. Personally, I like to eat bread that is intact. Our server seemed to be a little too nervous for the job she had. She sounded like she didn’t know the in and out of the restaurant and the menu. Maybe she’s new, or maybe she doesn’t know how the place really works.

All in all, the place was a  good eat and I really enjoyed myself. The staff is very welcoming and nice and their food is, on a scale of 1-5, they can get 3.75.  So if you are looking for a good place to eat out and take your family or friends, Bahama Breeze is a good suggestion.

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About the Contributor
Tani Popoola, Fall Reporter
Tanitoluwa (Tani) Popoola, a sophomore at Colonia High school, was born on August 17, 2000.  Popoola loves to sleep, eat, and sing the most. She also likes to go shopping but doesn’t always have the money to do so. She was born in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to East Orange NJ where she lived until she was two years old when she moved to Avenel, NJ. Both of her parents are pastors at the church  Christian Breakthrough Fellowship International Ministries where her mom also teaches the younger children.When she is not at home, she’s usually at church. At church she is part of a dance team and helps celebrates events and make them memorable she also sings and helps with the engineering department. Every year the youth department goes on a retreat and it is always a great experience. She lives with her parents and two little brothers. Her dad is a dialysis technician and her mom is in school to get a higher license in nursing. Her two little brothers are 12 and 9 and all they do is play video games and go outside. Popoola is very family oriented and has always been. Her family is extremely close even with the relatives from Nigeria. She participates in Colonia’s winter and spring track which is coached by her English teacher Coach Quick. She doesn't any other sports because she's simply just better at running. She's 5'4 and full of energy at all times and her friends call her crazy but its all in love. "Fun size people have so much more fun"- Is her saying and she stands by it firmly!

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Mediocre Meal from Bahama Breeze