Hoverboards being banned due to fire risk

By: Juli Wright, Full year reporter

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The hottest new toy, The Hoverboard has recently been reported a safety hazard when used in public. Many sources say that the lithium-ion battery pack is at fault, but that does not seem to be the exact case. Most of today’s technology utilizes lithium-ion batteries for energy including laptops and cellphones that people use daily. Injuries and death are on the rise due to certain malfunctions of these hoverboards, which makes it a current political issue. It is no longer corporate.

U.S. CPSC Chairman Elliot F. Kaye said, “Beyond the fire hazards, based on the increasing number of serious injuries and emergency room visits associated with these products, we are also expanding our investigation of the falls associated with hoverboards.  At first glance, it is easy to believe the risk of falling off a hoverboard is an obvious one and to dismiss those injuries as user inexperience or error.”

Kaye does not say that owning one is illegal or even that it should be, but he does advise to be cautious and wear safety gear while riding. If a hoverboard was ordered off of Amazon.com, you can send it back now for a full refund. In fact, a lot of people advise it.

According to USA Today, Over 30 colleges have banned the hoverboards from being rode around their campus’ and some cities including New York City, have implemented riding laws for the safety of pedestrians. Mrs. Danielle Allen teaches at Colonia High full time, but is also an Adjunct Professor at Middlesex County College. She had a student use his hoverboard to turn in a quiz once. “Although I can see how it can be a great way to get around a college campus, it caused more of a distraction in classroom. After class, I was encouraged to stand on the hoverboard and after doing so I can foresee the potential dangers they possess.”

It is advised to keep a fire extinguisher near the hoverboard while riding and or charging it. Believe it or not, a hoverboard burnt down a home in Louisiana, New York, and one set fire in a mall near Washington forcing every customer to evacuate. Research shows that it is not what the rechargeable battery pack in the hoverboard is made of, but the quality in which it is made. The batteries are very inexpensive, and are low quality. The awful quality in the battery makes the battery pack heat up which ultimately results in an explosion.

Disney theme parks, and airports have also banned hoverboards. Target has stopped selling the boards in stores, and many kiosks inside of malls have been shut down. However, it is not just the fires, and explosions that make this new fad so dangerous. The falling rates are extremely high and cause more than half of the recorded injuries. Beginners and risk takers must take caution. Hover boards are not toys. If you would like to know more, click on the link and go to the following website: CustomerReports.com.

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