2016 Softball season holds many great expectations


By: Alyssa Margolin, Spring Reporter

The 2016 softball season is upcoming. Tryouts start on Friday, March 4th after school in the gymnasium and take place for three days, directed by the varsity coach, Ann Marie Cyrana.

Tryouts are held both in the gymnasium and outside (depending on weather conditions), dress warm. Coaches- Cyrana, Greene, Gambetta, and Albelo all look for skill and a desire to work hard and to do well. Tryouts are 3 days long, 3 hours a day, beginning on Friday, March 4th, continuing to Saturday morning, and finally the following Monday after school. Girls will find out their results after the final tryout on Monday, March 7th.

It is  mandatory for girls who are trying out to have sneakers, a glove, and a desire to work hard. It is also required for all girls coming to tryouts to wear a plain white t-shirt with their last name on the back. Girls trying out are expected to run a mile under ten minutes. Make sure you are conditioned before coming to tryouts.

A season usually lasts through the end of May, but can go until the second weekend of June, depending how well the teams do. There are approximately 25 games played in a season, in addition to everyday practices.

Colonia High School’s girl’s softball has been coached by Cyrana since 1993. It has been an extremely successful program. Last season, the varsity team had a record of 11-15. Senior of 2015, Kate Brannigan, took on the all conference and white division. Coach Cyrana just wished her team could have done better during the close games that the girls should have won such as South Plainfield, John F. Kennedy, and Bishop George Ahr.

Senior and second baseman Juli Wright, has been playing softball for 12 years.  She discussed the upcoming season and said, “I am most excited to be able to bond and laugh with my teammates and also the coaches. I want to be able to see myself improve and watch my teammates grow.” Wright has many great expectations for this 2016 softball season.

Wright speaks of her experiences last season on varsity and said, “the varsity team had a solid infield, the outfield worked hard, the freshmen who were moved up to varsity had big spots to fill, but they got it done. Our losses were crucial to us. Overall, we got along and worked hard.”

Players are looking forward to getting back onto the field again and working hard for Colonia High School. Softball players are also excited to be apart of a team and bond with their teammates and coaches.

Cyrana thinks the most important quality for a team to have she is, “to be able to work together and put the team first and not the individual.” She also says that the most important quality for an individual to have to be on her team is, “skill obviously but the desire to work hard and get better everyday.”