Tattoos and piercings: bad idea?

By: Alyssa Margolin, Spring Reporter

Tattoos and piercings have been a controversial topic, especially between adults and teens/younger adults. Tattoos and piercings not only changes a person’s body image, but is told as  a way of self expression in today’s day and age. Although they can become painful to get done, needles piercing your skin in order to paint a picture on your body or put jewelry into your skin, these ways of body art have become extremely popular, especially in teenagers and young adults. Piercings that are simple like ear piercings, become more extravagant as more people are getting their noses, belly buttons, tongues, eyebrows, lips, and even places that are rare pierced. People go from having a small tattoo to many more and bigger tattoos. Some being in black and white (with shading) and others wanting color. Some get tattoos in order to symbolize something, as others get them just to have it. Either way, it is a permanent decision that is left on your body.


Piercings can range anywhere from $20-$50, depending on the type of piercing you get. Many popular piercings include ears, nose, or belly buttons. When you get a piercing, there is always maintenance that comes along with it. The place that you get the piercings done at usually gives a bottle of solution to clean it. It is recommended that your piercings are cleaned twice a day for about six weeks to make sure it heals and doesn’t get infected. Piercings can close on their own if jewelry is not worn in it for a period of time.

Gauge Piercings

Gauged piercings are the stretching of someone’s ears. This takes time considering someone who is interested in doing this needs to go from size to size to expand their stretch in their ear and make it bigger. These types of piercings are hard to close, especially medium or larger sizes. Gauge stretching can close somewhat, but not completely. Some people decide to get surgery to completely close their ears because they are stretched too much that it is almost impossible to close on their own. This usually costs around $200-$450 for each ear! In a survey made by The Declaration staff, 64  out of one hundred people said that gauges are gross and are a waste. In the same poll, 13 people said they only like small sized gauges (sizes 14-0).


More people are getting tattoos in this generation and they are becoming more acceptable to society. Some people have small ones while others have bigger and more. Some people get them to  symbolize something while others get them because they like them and it is body art. People can get their tattoos in black and shading or can get them in color, depending on their preference. Tattoos can range in price depending on the place you get it done at, the size, and coloring of it. Right after the tattoo is finished, ointment is put on it and wrapped in plastic to keep it protected. Tattoo artists give special directions telling their customers to keep their new tattoos out of the sun. They are also told to put ointment on it for about two weeks. In multiple interviews, one being with sophomore, Santos Zabala, he said, “The healing process was the worst part of getting the tattoo. You have to make sure you don’t expose your new tattoo in the sun for about two weeks and be careful in the shower because it might fade.”

Cost of Removal

Whether it’s for an important event, a job, or a regret, people are always covering their tattoos. People take the approach of makeup, which is anywhere around $3 to around $145 for one tube of foundation. Depending on how big or how many tattoos the person has, they might need more tubes of foundation to cover it. The brand of Dermablend Professional, is made specially for covering up tattoos and acne, etc. Others take the next level approach which is to permanently remove the tattoo with laser session treatments. Each session can be around anywhere from $200-$500, depending on where you go and how big the tattoo is. It is extremely costly and painful.

Jobs with tattoos and piercings

Most people getting tattoos and piercings think about their future with them and getting jobs. Some jobs, such as the corporate world, don’t allow tattoos and “unusual” piercings. During an interview with English teacher,  Mr. Jeffrey Grose, who once worked with corporate, he said, “I had to hide my tattoos, wearing longer-sleeved shirts. In the corporate world, it’s like a set uniform and everyone has to look the same.” Depending on the type of job one is going for, the placement of tattoos is key. Many jobs allow tattoos but only if you can cover them which is why people take the approach of only getting tattoos that don’t pass their elbows so they can cover them with the sleeves of a t-shirt. In a survey run by the Declaration Newspaper staff, 19 out of 100 people said that tattoos and/or piercings can sometimes or always be a disadvantage for getting jobs.

Later in life with tattoos and piercings

People getting tattoos usually say they won’t regret them later in life because of their set decision on getting them. And usually when you talk to certain adults about getting tattoos, they’ll disagree with you and say you will end up regretting them as you get older. In an interview with art teacher, Kristen Lombardi, she said, “I think it’s a smart idea to decide on getting tattoos in your twenties, just because as a teenager, there’s peer pressure and when you’re in your twenties, you get to think on your own.” Another teacher also said that teenagers don’t really make good decisions and think things through, as this is a permanent thing left on your body.