Perfect holiday movie, Home Alone

The first movie out of the sequel, Home Alone

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The first movie out of the sequel, Home Alone

By: Misri Patel, Fall Reporter

A little boy accidentally left alone at home at a special time of the year, when the family goes on a trip to Paris.

The movie Home Alone, starred the main character as Kevin McCallister, an 8- year old boy. He wakes up on a morning with his family is traveling to Paris, but because of his naughty behavior the day before he was put in the attic and was forgotten in the morning. After he realizes that his family has left him alone, his wish of no family around came through. Imagining how many things he could do all alone, build so much excitement for him. But then his excitement started to sour down, when he realized two burglars we’re coming to rob the McCallister home. Kevin knowing he is home alone, all he could do is protect the family home.

Knowing the burglars we’re coming for him, he immediately called the police and told them the situation. Calling the police three times, but them never catching the burglars he then came up with his own plan. Using a smart sense, he build traps all of the house, in which he would be able to distract the burglars and have the other ones get injured several times around the house. Lastly, having a main plan of having all of the falling into a huge ice-pool. Finally getting caught by the police department was Kevin’s best Christmas gift.

Home Alone the 25th Anniversary, was the first movie out of three sequels. In my opinion  Home Alone the 25th Anniversary was the best one out of all three. This one completely has all the Christmas spirit and shows the cleverness of the 8- year old boy, Kevin. It is full of details and always keeps you on your feet, while watching it. Not a moment where you might get bored and have a thought of turning it off.

Home Alone is rated for 7+ in age. Many parts of Home Alone are funny, but some parts are also very intense. Parents of all children should know that early in the movie, there is some inappropriate behavior. Also, with that parents should inform there children to not do anything at home from the movie. 

Home Alone was released on November 16, 1990. It is 102 minutes long, and was directed by Chris Columbus, with a cast of 37 members. In 1991, Home Alone was nominated a Oscar award for Best Music, original song during the Academy Awards. The movie was also won the American Comedy Award for Funniest Actor in a Motion Picture (Leading Role) during the American Comedy Awards.