“This Lullaby” reminds you to have faith in love


Photo Credit: Christine Silvana

Sarah Dessen’s “This Lullaby” is a good book for young adult readers.

By: Christine Silvana, Fall Reporter

This Lullaby is a young adult novel written by Sarah Dessen. In the novel, eighteen-year-old Remy Starr believes in short-term, no commitment relationships. Until she meets Dexter Jones, lead singer of a rock band.

Dessen tells a story of a teenager, Remy Starr, who is about to leave for college. Throughout her life, her mother Barbara remarried five times, so love is something that Remy doesn’t believe exists. Remy ends up meeting Dexter at a car dealership and he claimed that he felt a connection with her the second he saw her. However, Remy wasn’t looking for a relationship nor did she want one.

Nonetheless, Dexter was persistent in trying to get to know her and Remy slowly found herself falling for him. She tries hard to not care for him because she’s too scared to fall for someone only to be left heartbroken. From watching her mother’s past relationship, Remy puts up a wall that separates her from someone who genuinely cares for her.

Dexter, on the other hand, continued to show his care and love for Remy and consistently proves to her that his love is real and that she doesn’t have to worry about him leaving. Although Remy has a set of rules for herself when it comes to relationships, once she met Dexter, the rules didn’t seem to apply anymore. After going through many ups and downs, Remy realizes that she truly loves Dexter and they end up together.

This book is a good read for those who enjoy love stories that aren’t so sappy. Although there is a love story in this book, it doesn’t just focus on the couple. The storyline also talks about Remy’s life at home, school and with her friends and family. There’s no major lesson to be learned in this novel. However, the book contains good quality content. In my opinion, I think that This Lullaby was a great book. There are 368 pages in this book. I recommend teens and young adults to read this book just for fun during your free time. It’s not a hard book to read and it’s an overall good book.