Get Ready to Play Black Gold Online with Avril Lavigne

Attention gamers, a new massively multiplayer online role-playing game called Black Gold Online is coming this spring for the PC only. This game has already caught the attention of thousands of players, including pop-singer Avril Lavigne.

Snail Games, the company debuting Black Gold Online, will introduce the beta version of this 3-dimensional game to western players before the end of March 2014. The beta will be an invitation-only test-run version of the game open to a large variety of gamers, including the aforementioned Avril Lavigne. The game is currently being beta-tested in China, and so far the 29 year-old pop/rock singer is one of the top players of the beta version. She will also most definitely be participating in the western beta version of the game this March with the other countless gamers who will be chosen to participate in the beta version.

How to get into this exclusive beta version? Snail Games wants dedicated players who can provide useful feedback while playing Black Gold Online. However, luck is necessary as well since space is limited. Snail Games announced that the decision won’t be based on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. Still, applying for the beta ahead of time will boost chances. To apply, the beta players should go register on the site. Potential players can learn more about the game on the site. There won’t be any final acceptances won’t come until near the end of March. Thousands of players have already applied for the beta of Black Gold Online.

Amardeep Kaur, a freshman at CHS, hasn’t had much experience in gaming. However, she commented, “It sounds pretty cool, I think I’ll give it a try for sure when it comes out.” The opinions are varying but Black Gold Online still continues to gain popularity.

Try the newest online game, Black Gold Online.
Try the newest online game, Black Gold Online.

Statistics show that the game is getting tons of attention so far by gamers all over the world. Even on social media sites, such as Facebook, where Black Gold Online has its own page with a little over 22,000 likes already. Potential players have been buzzing about Black Gold Online and spreading the word all over the internet.

Haseeb Irfan, a sophomore at CHS, has been playing games on and off for a couple of years. When asked if he would be interested in playing Black Gold Online, he said, “No, because I don’t really like PC games and Black Gold Online doesn’t seem to be of my interest.”

After Age of Wushu, another game created by Snail Games, the company plans to make a large profit off of Black Gold Online. They’ve announced that the game will be free to play. However, in-game purchases could be a future possibility for Black Gold Online. The game will be similar to Age of Wushu as far as the techniques and details of the game. Age of Wushu fans are looking forward to Black Gold Online as well.