Several Colonia seniors prepare for Ivy League universities


By: Patrick Coveny, Spring Reporter

Colonia High School’s senior class has reason to be proud this year- several of their own have been accepted into Ivy League universities. For these few lucky students, years of hard work and school dedication has paid off. In August, it’ll be off to Brown in Rhode Island for Micaela Camacho, to Princeton for Patricia Pajdak, the University of Pennsylvania for Jujhar Singh and Meshaal Bannerman will be beginning at Harvard.

With college comes new experiences, adventures, and challenges, all of which are dramatically amplified when that college is part of the Ivy League. These eight elite schools have a prestigious name and reputation. Their acceptance rates are some of the lowest in the nation. Applying alone is an accomplishment, being accepted is truly an honor.

Micaela, Patricia, Meshaal, and Jujhar are exemplary students at Colonia, destined to do great things beyond high school. All three are preparing for the futures that lay ahead of them. With only a few months left until graduation, soon they will depart Colonia and begin their college journey. Undoubtedly nervous and also excited, each has a unique story and reason for attending their respective university.

Micaela Camacho credits Ms. Williams for piquing her interest in Brown. It was she who first suggested the prospect of attending the university. Brown’s liberal Open Curriculum and diverse atmosphere are a perfect match for the spunky and open-minded Camacho. She is looking forward to enjoying the freedoms Brown University allows, and deciding her major sometime down the road.

“Right now, I’m leaning towards English and the humanities, but Brown also allows students to declare their own majors and that’s something I’m extremely excited about,” Camacho says. She’s visited the University many times in the past few months, and is falling in love with Rhode Island.

Patricia Pajdak, on the other hand, won’t be too far from home at Princeton. A school attended by two U.S. Presidents and First Lady Michelle Obama, Princeton University is one of the most prestigious learning institutions in the nation. Pajdak first fell in love with the university during a Creative Arts and Humanities Symposium she attended on campus. Now that she’s enrolled, Patricia is majoring in International Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson school.

“I am looking into studying abroad and some clubs I’ll be joining once I’m at school,” Pajdak states. Princeton University offers a vast array of undergraduate and graduate courses. Its attractive campus and close proximity to home are two deciding factors for Pajdak, who is still in awe of it all.

Lastly, Meshaal Bannerman is beyond excited to attend Harvard University, our nation’s oldest college, and alma mater to eight U.S. Presidents and hundreds of Nobel laureates. Harvard has a rich history and an extensive amount of educational opportunities for students. Bannerman is interested in Political Science and Government, and says he is not nervous, but thrilled for the challenges ahead.

“I decided to attend Harvard University because I feel like Harvard gives me a chance to prolong my education and chase my long term dreams,” Bannerman says. He’s made the trip up north to Boston numerous times and will soon be spending the weekend on campus. Harvard’s historic buildings and student life fit his personality. He simply cannot wait until August.

Finally, The University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia will soon be where Jujhar Singh calls home. The Colonia native is excited to immerse himself in the school’s diverse culture and respected academics. Singh is interested in mathematical economics and in joining various clubs and organizations on campus.

“My advice …[to student’s interested in attending Ivy League Universities]… would be to focus on standardized testing and get involved in activities that you enjoy, whether that’s a club, an internship, or volunteering,” Singh advises, “It’s also important to relax and cherish high school while it lasts…”

Overall, Brown, Princeton, Harvard, and UPenn should be delighted to soon welcome these three hardworking, talented, and passionate young adults. Not only do they have so much to offer, they are wickedly smart and ambitious. Remember their names- they’re going places.