Not your average Christmas album


Photo Credit: Angelique Richardson

Elvis Presley “It’s Christmas Time” album

By: Angelique Richardson, Senior News Editor

Over the years, Christmas music has taken many different approaches, such as rock, the blues, acapella, and of course traditional, but one artist never fails to leave a lasting impression, and that is Elvis Presley.

The release date of The Elvis Presley, Elvis Christmas Album was in October of 1957. In contrast to traditional Christmas music, this album contains a mix. The majority of the album is Christmas songs, but some gospel as well. the original album has been through many changes. In 1970, Presley made a new version with songs to replace the gospel tracks.


Santa Claus is Back in Town 

White Christmas

Here Comes Santa Claus (Right down Santa Claus Lane)

I’ll be home for Christmas

Blue Christmas

Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me)

O Little Town of Bethlehem 

Silent Night

Peace in the Valley

I believe 

Take My Hand, Precious Lord

It’s No Secret (What God can do) 

Santa Claus is Back in Town has a little bit of a rock and roll side to it. It contains the perfect amount of piano and equal amounts of drums. Presley’s deep voice compliments this song, creating a nice flow all throughout the track.

In Contrast, White Christmas is a traditional song that I do not think was justified on this album. The piano is the strongest most present sound in this track. Presley, in my opinion, holds the notes a little too long. Making the song sound overly dramatic.

Similarly, Here Comes Santa Claus (Right down Santa Claus Lane) does not please me. Presley’s voice meshes with the music excellently. The long 50’s disco style of singing is not my favorite. But the instruments used are the most wonderful thing about this track.

I’ll be home for Christmas, is a song I could keep on replay all season. Presley’s voice transforms this song into an emotional heartthrob.The light background instruments, keep the consistent gentle vibe flowing.

Blue Christmas is without a doubt my favorite. The soft guitar and light drums create a certain background sound that is comforting. This track provides a feeling of nostalgia and some emotional connection.

Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me), is a song that I thoroughly enjoy. This track involves a nice piano, guitar and a bit of a drum bang. This track is groovy and displays holiday cheer, but not in a suffocating way.

To conclude the album, the last tracks are gospel songs. They lack the traditional gospel sound all while keeping their religious lyrics.  In contrast to the others, they hold a soft background sound, that is far from overpowering.

All in all, this album meets my Christmas criteria. I think Presley’s voice is perfect for rock and roll, but not traditional or gospel tracks. As his voice is anything but gentle. Overall, I give this album 3 out of 5 Christmas lights.