Spread Some Christmas Cheer All Year With Ariana Grande’s Christmas and Chill EP


Photo Credit: Photo via Wikimedia Commons and Pixabay under Creative Commons License

Grande smiling down thanks to her wonderful fans

By: Alyssa Salvato, Fall Editor

December 18, 2015, Ariana Grande, American Singer released Christmas and Chill for the upcoming holidays. Production for the EP took just one week with only six tracks. Back in 2013, she released another EP called Christmas Kisses, which doesn’t have as much mature content as her newer one and had only four tracks.

The Pop Beats stay intact when instruments are presents and keep people listening at any time of the year. In Wit It This Christmas there is a Violin solo and in Winter Things there is a Ukulele strummed through the whole song. During the holidays you expect a white Christmas so when you are in an environment unlike that it can get you a little down. Winter Things is the exact example of how to enjoy the holidays even when you don’t have the cold or snowy luxury. No matter where you are in the world you are still able to do some holiday traditions.

Once the EP begins it starts with an intro song which is completely unique because not many artists have this. That intro makes a huge difference, it sets the tone for what the listener is about to experience. Grande usually does her own background harmonies, but good friend Victoria Monet, American singer joined at this time. It’s perfect to have both soothing and effortless voices together because their voices are so alike. Unless you really analyze the music you can’t tell who is who. In the songs all lyrics flowed together and a lot related to Christmas. Things like candy canes, milk and cookies, drummer boy, and gingerbread men mentioned.  

Track five of the EP being True Love is no doubt a spin-off to The Twelve Days Of Christmas by Frederic Austin, Composer. The title alone is part of the lyrics since it goes, “On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me.” Though of course, hers is still completely original and only goes up to six which is ironic since there are only six tracks. The focal point of True Love is about spending time with her love, not about all the material objects received.

This is an amazing EP, but it would be even better as a Christmas album. So many artists have come out with albums that there is no reason for Grande not to as well. By adding at least six more tracks production would have been only about two or three weeks and the end product would be a complete set of 12 songs which will even fit into The Twelve Days Of Christmas, just listen to one track each day and those are your presents! The songs on the EP are only a minute or two long that the whole thing feels like a tease. It sounds so good that everyone wants to hear more, don’t deprive them of this lovely music. The perfect Christmas gift is Christmas and Chill so put it on the wishlist and then have it checked off. Totally worth all 5 lightbulbs.

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